How To Be A Good Friend

Ladies, If You Think Life Is A Competition, You're Already Losing

Sit the hell down and buckle up Jessica because we are in this together


Listen up. This bs needs to stop.

Stop looking at yourself and comparing who you are to the people standing around you. Friendships should not be competitions. Friendships should not be a comparison battle. If you completed these 5 things, that's awesome!

Although I might haven't completed the same things, I am not going to hate you or envy you for your accomplishments.

We are all put on this universe to achieve different goals and experience different happenings. Us woman should not be bashing, putting down, or envying another woman due to their success and happiness.

If anything, other women's' successes should motivate us to work harder on ourselves while still feeling humble and satisfied with who we are as a person.

Personal satisfaction is a huge characteristic to have in order to be mental, emotional, and spiritually happy. The basis of being happy with ourselves stems from the thinking processes that ensue in our mind. If we do not have strong mental building blocks for ourselves then we simply cannot improve or reach full potential.

Achieving full potential occurs when you have forgiven yourself for all of your mistakes, accepted your life and the things you cannot control, and allowed yourself to be happy while being alone.

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