Having Braces In College

Yes, Having Braces In College Sucks, But I'll Be The One Smiling In The End

Here I am at 20 years-old with braces.


(Side note; I am very grateful for the fact that I am able to have braces but this is just some lighthearted struggles of adult braces.)

Let me begin by saying, I never thought I would have braces but here I am at twenty years old with braces.

Anyway, having adult braces can be a struggle. When I first got them I was so happy and it felt like everything was going to be great and smooth sailing but I quickly realized it would be something I had to get used to. The amount of pain I experienced the first couple of days after getting them was intense but nothing was going to stop ya girl from eating her favorite meals.. or so I thought.

I definitely stuck to soft foods for that week because anything else would just result in pain that was not worth it.

After getting them, I also felt like I looked a lot younger. Braces are something that most people get during their teen years and I remember all my friends complaining about their braces in middle school and high school. Even though they can make me feel younger, it's honestly all in my head. No one treats you differently or even questions you. I mean it's college, everyone has that "you do you" mindset.

Above all, the struggle to eat with people has probably been the hardest. Trust me, I want to have a full conversation with you while we're eating but sometimes I just have to cover my mouth or stay silent. But with time I've gotten used to it and better at keeping up with the conversation.

I know that sometimes braces in college isn't always the best, but it'll be worth it. It's also a really good conversation starter. So many people have had braces when they are younger -- they actually can relate to your pain and even give you some tips.

Besides that, you'd be surprised how many people actually do have braces in college. I learned that it's nothing to be insecure about and once I have those straight pearly whites, I know I will look back and think "man those ______ years were worth it."

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