10 Reasons Why Having A Boyfriend Throughout High School Made My Life So Much Better
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10 Reasons Why Having A Boyfriend Throughout High School Made My Life So Much Better

Despite the rumors you've heard to "experience" instead...

10 Reasons Why Having A Boyfriend Throughout High School Made My Life So Much Better
Isabelle Christman

The first boyfriend/girlfriend you have is monumental; so monumental that you will probably always remember their name. I remember asking my mom her first boyfriend's name, and her telling me her first-grade lover's name within seconds. My first boyfriend was in kindergarten and his name was Nick.

Before you wonder, Nick is not the high school boyfriend that this article is about but just a mere crush that had come and was soon gone as other insignificant loves throughout my life. That is what is supposed to happen in high school, I had always been told. You are supposed to find yourself and find out what types of things you like and my ultimate favorite, “Experience what everyone has to offer." Now, I’m certainly not dissing anyone who experienced several different boyfriends or even just friends, if you know what I mean, through their course of high school. In fact, I’m glad for you and I hope that is what you wanted to do with your experience.

Alternatively, I am sick and tired of hearing that I missed out in high school because I had a boyfriend-- the same boyfriend- throughout high school. I didn’t miss out on anything. In fact, I gained significantly more than I lost. So, here are 10 reasons why having a boyfriend throughout high school impacted my life, and possibly yours, for the better:

1. You never go solo to school dances

Those awkward moments when you don't know whether or not someone is going to ask you to the dance is not an issue for you, considering you've got someone that you know will go with you no matter what. (BONUS: When your boyfriend goes to a different school, you get twice the school dances!!!)

2. You never have to be the person eating alone at a restaurant

Sometimes eating alone is preferred. However, when you're craving late night Steak N' Shake and your friends are all on diets (*eye roll*), you know your boyfriend is always down to eat some late burger and fries with you.

3. When you're arguing with your friends, you always have someone that is on your side

Being a girl, you're going to deal with petty drama. Through most of that drama, I just needed a friend to talk to despite everything. Having a boyfriend through the fights with your friends allows you to talk to someone and have them reassure you that you aren't crazy (even though sometimes you definitely are).

4. They've seen you at your worst (freshman) and best (senior) and still love you

Personally, I believe anyone who found the brace-face, acne prone, fashion-disaster my freshman year self was deserves an award and certainly deserved to stay with me when I slayed my senior year prom. #gloup

5. You are able to combine friend groups and have twice as many friends

Especially having a boyfriend from a different school, I'm so thankful to have met some of his friends, because they have become some of my best friends. Without him, I would have never met them.

6. Your family becomes his family and vice versa

It's always nice to be so close to someone that you can walk in their house, eat all their food and make yourself at home. I consider my boyfriend's family to be my own and I treat his sisters like family.

7. You know all their guilty pleasures and actually indulge in some with them

Let's just say that we've gone to several kids movies willingly without his youngest sister.....

8. You always have a supporter at your games, even if your parents can't be there

Playing soccer, the worst is when you're playing in a game and nobody is there to support you. Luckily, that was never an issue, because between my parents and my boyfriend, I always had some support, even if it was a little too loud...

9. They can be a distraction with all of your favorite things when life becomes too much to handle

Because they know you so well, they know when you're stressed and find time to do the little things that can bring a smile to your face in the darkest of times.

10. Through the four hard years of high school, you've acquired a best friend and a boyfriend all in one

You've got the best of both worlds.

Even though there are hard times, there are always going to be hard times with different people. Having a sturdy individual to hang out with and to do the fun things that high schoolers love to do is amazing. I wouldn't have traded any second of high school to "experience" any one else.

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