13 Reasons Why Having A Little Sister Is The Best Blessing A Girl Could Ask For
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13 Reasons Why Having A Little Sister Is The Best Blessing A Girl Could Ask For

Sure, you might get on each others' nerves, but you know you wouldn't want it any other way.

13 Reasons Why Having A Little Sister Is The Best Blessing A Girl Could Ask For
Ramsha Shoaib

Having a little sister is the ultimate blessing. You have a best friend who has never known the world without you. You always have someone to talk to. Everything is funny and can be turned into a joke when you're with them. Most importantly, little sisters teach you how to be a better person by showing you how to care for others. You are always there for each other and a day spent at home is never ever boring. Sure, all siblings fight every now and then, but that is easily solved by a movie marathon or eating chocolate chip waffles for lunch. I am so grateful to have a little sister who is my eternal best friend.

1. You can talk to her about anything.

Whether it's books, school, or simply just life, little sisters are the best listeners. You can share anything with them and sometimes get pretty good advice in return.

2. You always have someone cheering you on.

Little sisters are super supportive. You can always count on them to be in your corner and be your biggest cheerleader.

3. Everything is funny.

Everything is funny when you have someone to share it with. Little sisters make life seem lighter and fill your days with endless humor.

4. You can expect to get a sarcastic reply to everything.

Whether it's asking if they want to get food or if they're busy, you can count on little sisters to give you a sarcastic answer to any and everything.

5. Her crazy matches your crazy.

You two can be crazy together and pull all kinds of shenanigans. Dancing around the living room while screaming your favorite song lyrics is especially fun.

6. She is your free fashion consultant.

Sisters give you brutally honest fashion advice and will always let you know when your jeans don't go with your top.

7. She's the best person to spill tea to.

Little sisters have your back and are trustworthy. They love to spill tea with you and are always willing to listen to anything you have to say.

8. She knows you pretty well and can tell how you'll react to anything.

Sisters know each other pretty well and often know each other's reactions to things before they have even talked about it. It's fun to have someone who understands you so well.

9. Hugs make everything better.

Whether you're sad, mad, or happy, hugs make everything better.

10. You are never alone.

While this may seem annoying it's actually not. When you are with your sister everything becomes interesting and even a trip to the grocery store can become an adventure. Sisters also come in handy when you go somewhere and don't know anyone because you'll always have someone to talk to.

11. She is always down for a movie night.

From Disney movies to chick flicks to Harry Potter marathons, little sisters are always down for movie nights. Bonus points if you two quote your favorite lines as you watch the movie!

12. Inside jokes.

Having inside jokes with your sister is the most fun. Everyone around you might think you two are crazy, but you can count on her to get the reference.

13. You will always protect her.

Little sisters give you a sense of responsibility and a protective streak. You realize that you want to keep her safe. You two will always protect each other.

Having a little sister is one of the best blessings in life and watching them grow into strong women brings the biggest joy. I love being an older sister and wouldn't trade it for the world. My sister is so much more than my younger sibling; she is my confidant, cheerleader, comedian, supporter, and most of all, my best friend.

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