Having A Sibling Is The Best Thing, You Can’t Prove Me Otherwise

Opinions on siblings can vary differently. They might be super annoying, they might even be your best friend. For me, having a sibling is one of the best things that could ever happen to me. Have we fought? Of course. Have we shared those classic sibling bonding moments? Totally. To all of the people who say that having a sibling is annoying, let me tell you why having a partner in crime is the best.

When you have a sibling, you have someone to annoy. I know that sounds cruel and awful for an older sibling to say, but am I wrong? No, no I'm not. A sibling is literally the best person to annoy, though I usually just tease and play around with my brother. It's something that makes us both laugh and have fun. Annoying my brother doesn't really mean I'm annoying him, but more like I can crack stupid jokes with him and he gives the playfully look of disappointment. This was proven by a study that showed how siblings contribute to our emotional and psychological health. Just think about it, the next time you're sibling is driving you nuts, they're helping you for future stressful situations, like the next fight you'll have with them.

Having a sibling may have helped with our social skills. Yes, believe it or not, the "annoying" brother or sister you have naturally taught you how to interact with others better. This is because we live in the same house as our siblings or seem them more often than other people. Our social skills are thanks to our siblings. Your success might be also because of your sibling. It's true. It's from the competitiveness you developed when you were young and trying to fight over who's the best. We create that "fighting" spirit to be the best. Some healthy competition isn't bad for you at all and can help you get the best chances out in the real world. Stop fighting over who the better sibling is and just be happy that you're both doing well in life.

They can be your ally and support group. I know that many of us have friends who will always be there for us, I have close friends like that myself, but your sibling will know almost, if not everything that's going on in your life. You grew up with them, how could you not spill the drama to them? Even if you don't, siblings have a talent of knowing when something is wrong. My brother always tries to cheer me up when he knows I'm upset, and I try to do the same for him. He and I always have each other's backs through thick and thin.

Having a sibling helps us develop in so many different ways. They help us grow and become the awesome people we are today. Make sure to tell your sibling(s) how thankful you are for them once in a while, because a little bit of love can go a long way.

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