My phone has been broken for a long time. Well, it has been broken but I was still able to use it perfectly. The screen was coming off but that's why I had a case that kept it together. It kept it from falling off. My screen also has all these cracks but I'm been living like this for a long time. I've gotten used to it. However, about a few days ago, I accidentally dropped my phone because I am a clumsy person. Nothing cracked but when I turned on my phone, I couldn't unlock it.

I couldn't find a way to unlock my phone. Part of the screen was unresponsive. My home button hasn't been working so unlocking my phone with my fingertip wasn't an option. Also, typing in my password didn't work because the lower right side of my screen was unresponsive. My password includes an 8 and 9, and I couldn't type in those numbers. There was basically no way to unlock my phone.

I have been relying on my computer to text people through iMessage. I've been able to use Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, I can use Instagram. I can like people's posts and see people's stories, I just can't post anything. I can use GroupMe as well. The only app I can't use is Snapchat. And that's been tough for me.

I've been getting all these notifications and it's been killing me not being able to respond. When I go out, I can't use my phone. Today I needed to use my GPS and I couldn't because of my phone. Maybe this happened for a good reason. Maybe I needed to realize how lucky I am to actually have a phone. I am grateful for all the things I have.

Thankfully, I'm getting a new phone tomorrow! My birthday is coming up in less than a month so I guess it's an early birthday present.