Haverford College As Told By Tom Haverford

I remember Google searching "Haverford hat" and hoping to order a fashion statement of school pride. The main thing that showed up was this type of shenanigans:

When Tom Haverford is more renowned than your beloved college, you've just gotta write an article relating the two completely unrelated things. So here we go!

When you see what a beautiful school Haverford is.

When you get into Haverford.

When you wanna buy the whole campus store.

When you find friends who understand you.

Founders dances be like:

When eduroam starts acting up during pre-registration.

When the classes are super difficult.

When you get an on-campus job.

When it's high time for a Chipotle trip.

When you witness Havercat killing a bunny or squirrel.

When there's free food in Magill, the OAR, or anywhere else.

When you're in class, but you didn't do the five readings...

When you actually get your assignments done early.

When the Haverplague strikes.

When a long week of classes is over.

But you then realize you're too tired to venture off-campus...

When you're Havermarried and you can't walk five steps without seeing Bae.

When you're fulfilling requirements by taking a class that just isn't your thing.

When you ask your BFF to apply for customs with you.

When you get to call your professor by their first name, and you're even invited to dinner with their family.

When you eat the dining center ice cream every day.

When you land some sweet CPGC funding for a project.

When it's kinda early and the Lunt party is underpopulated.

When you're on Customs and you inspire your freshman with your tales of glory.

Thanks, Tom, for putting our Haverford experiences into words... and GIFs.

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