Weekend one of ACL is nearly here. Break out the flower crowns, Converse and high-waisted shorts, because you know everyone will be wearing them, and get ready to dance, sing at the top of your lungs, and push your way through the crowds to get closer to the stage.

As you prepare for one of the best weekends of your life, check out these tips to make your ACL experience the best one yet.

1. Getting there.

Expect traffic. Lots of traffic. Though it will be difficult getting to and from ACL, it will be worth it! Although Uber and Lyft have now left Austin, try using the new companies such as RideAustin or Fasten, though the price to ride may be expensive. You can also take the shuttle from Republic Square Park directly to the festival. Or if you have some very sweet friends or family members, get someone to pick up you up and drop you off nearby.

2. Stay hydrated.

It's still hot outside and is even hotter when you're crammed like a sardine in a crowd at a show. Don't forget to drink water! Bring an empty water bottle to the festival and re-fill as many times as you want at the water re-fill stations. You can also invest in a CamelBak backpack to be hands free at shows and have easy access.

3. Wear sunscreen.

And keep re-applying throughout the day! Bring a small bottle with you to the festival and apply generously to avoid being uncomfortable and even hotter the whole weekend. Chances are you'll be trying to wear the coolest clothes you have, which means you'll have a lot of skin exposed to the sun.

4. Pick a meeting spot.

With so many people at the festival, this means little to no cell service or WiFi. If you're planning to meet up with people at the festival or are with a group and split up, pick a place to meet up. Avoid trying to send text messages and making calls that won't go through and pick a time and place to meet up beforehand.

5. Arrive early.

Getting there early is typically a good way to avoid the big crowd before everyone arrives later in the day. It's also a good way to get to the front of a stage or show before it gets too crowded. If you're super dedicated, get there right when the gates open, run to the front of the stage of your headliner of choice and camp out there all day long. You can also opt to see the performer playing before whoever you want to see at that stage and then push your way closer to the front after they finish and people start to leave.

May your ACL experience be your most memorable yet and go see your favorite performer from the front row! There is nothing like it.