Now that school's over or coming to an end, here are some ideas of how you can stay productive this summer, while still having a fun and enjoyable summer.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This is funny because my best friend and I live by this motto, but especially in the summer. Maybe you have a summer job, taking summer classes, or an internship, but when just like when you get scheduled for work, schedule time off to be with family or friends so you can look forward to something. This motto is so important because it feels 100x better when you know you've been productive and then you finally get a day off to spend with the people you love most.

Make those expectations a reality

Going into the summertime, everyone has those movie expectations that they're going to have the best summer ever and do the things they've been wanting to do their whole life. Growing up, every summer my friends and I would make a bucket list of everything we wanted to accomplish that summer.

Whether it's going cliff jumping, a movie and picnic in the park, or a roadtrip with your besties, it's always the best feeling when you get to check off something from the list. While you might think your summer is going to be booked with whatever you're doing, make those expectations a reality by making time to check off those bucket list items.

Go outside

No, seriously if it's nice out, soak up the sun and just go outside! Summer doesn't last forever so mine as well make it worthwhile. I'm not one to talk and tell you to exercise because I don't even do it myself, but do whatever you think would make you feel good for the summer. The more active you are, the more motivated you will be to do other tasks. It could just be a light jog in the morning, to maybe taking your dog for a long walk (I wish I had a dog).

A clean summer

Now that you will probably have some free time, play your favorite playlist and clean out your closet! You and I both know that there are tons of clothes that don't fit you anymore, or that you're never going to wear again.

What I usually do is make piles of clothes to donate to Salvation Army, sell clothes on Depop or Mercari, or go to a local resale store like Plato's Closet and see what they can take and give you money for! The process might be long to do all this cleaning, but you will feel refreshed and probably motivated because now you have room to go shopping :)

Summer is a time for the sun to shine and to feel good. Balancing everything can be a struggle, but making the best of it and spending it with the people that matter most to you is what makes it all the better.