Do you feel like it is taking you an extra-long time to reach your goals? Are you putting your spare time to good use? Being busy doesn't necessarily mean being productive. Here are 9 ways to achieve your optimal productivity, starting today:

1. Make a rough-draft to-do list ahead of time

Make a rough draft to-do list that will help you visualize and prepare the night before. Jot down important time commitments and the general things that you want to get done.

2.  Start your day with yoga or exercise

Beginning your day with exercise has many mental and physical health benefits. It will help you get a better, more full night's sleep and give you a positive/motivated outlook for the rest of the day.

3. Drink lots of water and eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day off on the right foot with a healthy breakfast. While this has many physical health benefits, it also improves mental concentration and memory. Breakfast helps to restore your blood sugar levels (which decrease during your night's sleep)- your body needs this for more efficient body and brain function.

4. Re-assess and set goals attainable goals for the day

Make your to-do list more specific and concise. List things that are reachable, with specific times. Envision what you want your day to look like.

5. Prioritize & focus on one task at a time

Don't say yes to everything. Try to give your complete focus to one task at a time. Plan to get the most important tasks done first thing.

6. Put your phone down

Eliminate major distractions. The average adult in the US spends over 3 hours a day on their phone. Ask yourself if your phone is necessary for your productivity? Is it helping or hindering? Be present and put your phone down.

7. Take regular breaks

Give your brain a break. Taking breaks (about every 25 minutes) can lead to greater motivation and overall productivity. Short breaks help the brain consolidate memories, organize information and leads to more effective learning.

8.  Evaluate

Journal, reflect, make a "Stop Doing List". Use whatever methods are most effective for you to evaluate and critique your routines. Did you get done what you needed to? What worked well and what didn't?

9. Get enough sleep

Getting the adequate amount of sleep (7-9 hours a night) is vital for overall good health and well being.