5 Things To Do Over Spring Break That Won't Break The Bank
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5 Things To Do Over Spring Break That Won't Break The Bank

We don't all have the money to be on a beach in Hawaii, trust me.

5 Things To Do Over Spring Break That Won't Break The Bank
Bayu Jefri

The stereotype of a broke college student is real. I wish I could say it isn't. I've only made it through one semester, and I have never been more broke in my life. With this being said, I have always wanted to experience spring break like a college student, and now that I am a freshman, I can do just that.

Every year, I see people going on these extravagant trips all over Instagram or Twitter. I always wondered how they were funding these trips, and after asking many of them, they would just charge up several credit cards to go on one trip. This is definitely not a risk I am willing to take. I work a job that pays minimum wage, and I only work about 10 hours a week. There is no way I would be able to payback on credit card bills in a responsible, mature way in my circumstance.

With this understanding, I started to think about what other ways I could have fun over the week-long break away from the hell of the spring semester. Here are the adventures I came up with (and plan to do myself)!

1. Have a girls night in with your besties.

A classic, but a goodie y'all! I don't know about you, but my best friends live back in my hometown. Being two-and-half hours away from them is hard, but having girls nights when I'm back in town make up for it for sure. Throw some face masks on, watch some of your favorite old movies (or new ones), and just have a great time being surrounded by your besties.

2. Change something about your appearance in a way you've always wanted to.

Whether it be a piercing, a tattoo, a new hair color, or a drastic hair cut, do what you have always wanted to do! Now tattoos can get expensive depending on the piece you are wanting and the artist, but if you have some money stashed away for this specific time, go for it! I recently dyed my hair in a split dye and went and got another piercing in my ear that I had been wanting for a while. In total, it all cost me about $75, but it was $75 well spent. Over spring break, I'd like to go get another ear piercing I've been wanting.

3. Drive to the closest drive-in movie theater.

This depends on where you live because I know these aren't has popular as they used to be. I am lucky to live within a 30 minute drive of one, and I have made some of the best memories at the drive-in. Nothing beats paying seven dollars to watch two back-to-back movies, surrounding by your best friends and family. 10/10 recommend going to a drive-in movie theater if you haven't ever before!

4. Have a relaxing spa day.

For this, you can go two different ways: have a spa day at home or go to a salon/spa and pay for someone else to do it. I personally am going to a nail salon to pay someone else because I just LOVE the pedicures my salon does. It can get a little expensive depending on what all you want to get done and where you go, but it is definitely cheaper than a trip to the beach.

5. Go stay in hotel close by your house with your friends.

I used to do this for birthday parties as a kid, and let me just say, it's SO much fun. Depending on the hotel room and how many of you go, it can be a fairly cheap trip. The last time I went to the hotel with friends, there were six of us to a room that was about $120, so it only cost us $20 each for the night. When we weren't in our room, we were downstairs in the pool or at the mall just walking around and hanging out. We brought board games to play in the hotel, and all around it was a fun time.

Hopefully, you try at least one of these things for your spring break! I know traveling can get expensive, and I know that I can get a serious case of FOMO when I see everyone posting what they are doing on their social media. With these five ideas though, I am going to make this spring break one for the books!

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