6 Haunted Stories of BGSU
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6 Haunted Stories of BGSU

Have you heard these ghost stories?

6 Haunted Stories of BGSU

Halloween is coming and the ghosts stories are coming out. Did you know that BGSU is known for being haunted? Here are a few known ghost stories that have been floating around our campus and community:

1. Alice, Eva Marie Saint Theatre

In the theatre world, many theaters are known for having a theatre ghost. Our very own theatre, Eva Marie Saint Theatre is known for having a ghost named Alice. The legend says that Alice was a student at BGSU performing in the theatre when there was a large prop fell on her causing her untimely death. This is said to have happened in the early 1920's because people have indicated seeing her wearing this era's clothing with very long hair and pale skin. It is also said that it is a tradition of the stage manager of the show to invite Alice to the show after the final dress rehearsal. If this isn't done with the stage manager standing alone on the dark stage, bad things will happen during the live performances. Go hang around the Eva Marie awhile and let me know if you see Alice.

2. Amanda, Chi Omega house

Although the old Greek houses are torn down, there used to be a ghost named Amanda who haunted the Chi Omega house. It is said that she desperately wanted to be a Chi O but was killed shortly after she became a sister in the 1940's. She wanted to continue her sisterhood and had stayed in the house. According to ohioexploration.com, it was said that there was a room and closet specifically named after Amanda. "Things would regularly disappear from the room and reappear in the house utility room. A closet seems to lock by itself. The girls of the sorority always leave a spot for Amanda in their group photo. The class of 1986-87 accidentally forgot to leave a space and their picture routinely falls off the wall." Maybe she will come back when the new houses are finished in 2016! Only time will tell!

3. Joey, Kohl Hall

Legend says that before Kohl Hall was built, there was a family owned bakery who had a son named Joey. When Joey died at a young age, they buried him outside of the bakery. As you can guess, Kohl Hall was supposedly built on top of his grave resulting in his haunting of the dorm. He is known to be a friendly ghost, though, just playing pranks on the residents. Living in Kohl Hall wouldn't be that bad because you wouldn't be lonely with Joey there!

4. CryBaby Lane, Euler Road

This road isn't on campus, but it is another haunted place in Bowling Green, Ohio. It is said that a mother hung her baby on a tree along the road. If you turn off your car in the middle of the road, it is said that you will hear a baby crying.

5. Holcomb Woods

According to the legend, a bus full of students was coming down Holcomb Road when the driver became upset with the children, driving the bus into the woods. It is said that the driver was killed on impact from hitting the tree and his face can be seen in the tree. The legend also says that the bus then burst into flames killing everyone else inside the bus. If you want to experience the creepiness, it is said that if you are on Holcomb road and turn your car to face 199, headlights will come straight toward you.

6. Wood County Historical Museum

In the early 1900's these houses served as the county's Poorhouse and Lunatic Asylum. Legend says that there is an old lady in pajamas that haunts the houses. If you go visit the museum, you are still able to see the bars on windows in the asylum.

Surprisingly enough, there isn't any known ghost stories of the Oak Grove Cemetery that was built in 1873 that is within BGSU's campus. But we can all agree that it is eerie enough to go check out. If you don't believe these stories, go out and test them yourselves this Halloween!

Happy ghost hunting!

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