Honestly, I don't hate weddings...well, not entirely. Weddings in this day and age have become something that isn't about the joining of a man and a woman before God. When most people get married nowadays, their first concern isn't the spiritual moment of the ceremony, but on the dress, food, venue, flowers, bridesmaids, stuff, stuff, and more stuff! When girls get engaged, the first statement made is "Let the wedding planning begin!"...and while that is an exciting season of their lives, the most important part to all believers of Christ should be that special, spiritual moment. Weddings are so much more than the stuff, and here are my reasons why:

1. The moment you're standing before the crowd, looking at your future husband/wife, nothing else matters but that person.

For every moment spent stressing about the big day, and how it "has to be perfect", none of it will matter when you're staring into the eyes of your future, professing your adoration to the person you've chosen.

2. The Holy Spirit should be so present at your wedding, that the crowd feels him.

Gosh!! This part gives me chills, and this is the part I yearn for at weddings. Much like worshiping at church, worshiping at your wedding should be second nature. You are making a covenant before God that this is the person you'll love for better or worse, in richer or poorer, through sickness and in health, forever and always. This is something worthy of worship. Two souls become one within the matter of a few minutes, and it is such a special moment between the bride, groom, and God.

3. To be honored as a bridesmaid or honored by being invited, you should be honored to be a part of the occasion.

So many girls (and even guys) get upset because they're not chosen to be a part of the wedding party, and I'll never understand why. Yes, it's an honor to be chosen; however, you are HONORED to be in this person's life. You are blessed to have a friend that loves you. Stop talking about all of the people that were chosen, and be happy for your friend and his/her special day. Also, for that matter, if you are the bride and groom, make sure that you aren't charging your wedding party an arm and a leg to be a part of your day. If you truly wanted to honor your wedding party by choosing them for the position of bridesmaid or groomsman, you'd choose a dress/tux that is reasonable. Weddings aren't about the looks, but about the time spent with the people you love. And if you refuse to budge on expensive amenities, and would rather have those than the people who matter most to you, you're part of the reason I hate what weddings have become.

4. You can make your own traditions. You aren't forced into anything on your day.

So many girls stress over what their parents want for them on their wedding day, but guess what ladies? You can do whatever you want. If mom and dad are footing the bill for the wedding, respectfully tell them that you have your own ideas. Be polite and be honest with them. There's no need to make your cousin (whom you hate) a bridesmaid because "she's family". If she's not close to you...why would you allow her to take the place of someone you care about?

5. And in the end, if you disagree with anything that I've said, that's okay! It's your day girl, and you should have whatever you want. I'll support any girl enjoying her day as long as she's getting what she wants. You get married before and just now decide to have a wedding? Cool, do you. You want a $200,000 wedding? That's completely up to you. I disagree entirely, but I hope you have the best day. And at the end of the day, I reserve the right to say:

(And now you know why).

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