10 Artists Who Don't Deserve the Hate They Get

10 Artists Who Don't Deserve the Hate They Get

I promise you your negative opinion will only make them more successful.


I've seen time and time again artists being the butt of some cruel joke or the face of a new meme. That isn't what particularly bothers me, it's that people genuinely do not favor these artists for some odd reason only because they're successful and talented.

It has become a trend to list all of the artists you can't stand, instead of lifting up the artists you do love. That is none of my business neither here nor there, but here is my list of artists who get hated on for what I think is no reason at all.

1. Beyonce

Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter has time and time again proven that her reign as queen of the charts, and queen of our hearts, will not be going away anytime soon. But what I have seen a lot of is hate for her because she is… popular??? And can *gasp* sing??? It's almost as if her dominance and presence in the industry annoys some people. She'll continue to sell out shows and make her music. So you're absolutely allowed to hate, but I can't relate.

2. Russ

Russ isn't new to the music scene, and he also isn't new to the onslaught of hate comments he gets on social media. I always see some joke about a collective group of people hating him, for reasons my mind cannot wrap around. He makes good music so that isn't people's problem with him. He also minds his business.

3. SZA

SZA's apparent "decline" is a confusing one for me. Everyone loved "Ctrl" for as long as I can remember, and many people still bop to it today. She has a platinum album and #1 records. What seems to be people's issue with her is that her live music isn't as ethereal as her studio versions of songs. But people vehemently ask her to stop making music. You were bopping to "The Weekend," don't think I forgot about that.

4. Logic

I can almost recall the time when everyone was excited for Logic's arrival to music. I was happy to be from the same place this up-and-coming rapper. We praised his first album. But I cannot for the life of me remember when people started hating his flow, his sound, and his lyrics. It was all at once, too. Where had all this energy and excitement for him gone?

5. Nicki Minaj

This "Nicki hate train" is relatively new, and definitely stems from the online created "feud" between her and Cardi B. Out of nowhere, people were against the "Superbass" rapper and claimed she couldn't write her raps or was just doing everything for tabloids and blogs. I vehemently believe that hating Nicki Minaj is a trend now, because many of the haters all were fans not too long ago.

6. Post Malone

I feel bad for Post Malone because his music, in my opinion, is good. Sure, he treads in that mix of hip hop and pop, but you cannot lie and say he doesn't have hitmakers. I've seen horrible things said about him, saying that he probably doesn't shower and smells like cigarettes.

7. Ariana Grande

There is an apparent unspoken hatred for those in the pop industry who are quite successful, and it is very hard to understand where that comes from. Ariana, going through all that she has, just wants to make music and perform for people. And before you go off saying she's problematic, I'm not denying that she has done some questionable things. But I don't think it's healthy to pray for someone's downfall, especially when they have no idea who you are. But anyways, stream "thank u, next."

8. Blueface

Blueface hate comes from the people who probably only listen to J. Cole and Juice WRLD exclusively. Yes, his flow is somewhat...different, but you cannot pretend it has not been replicated by the likes of legends like E-40, who actually appreciates Blueface's music. You're totally allowed to say you're not feeling his stuff, but to constantly tell anyone who will listen that you think he is trash? That's kind of tired.

9. Bow Wow

Yes, his strife and troubles in the media can be sometimes humorous, but I've heard people honestly say with their whole chest that Bow Wow isn't good. As if he didn't give us hits like "Shortie Like Mine" and "Let Me Hold You." That's just slanderous and kind of random.

10. Rico Nasty

Rico brings a new flavor to the hip hop genre that I don't think many people want to embrace. If you're not open to change, how can you ever move forward? I've heard comments about her outlandish appearance and how she's "weird." She is doing a lot of what some of your faves can't do. That includes the boys. If you're a hater, I feel bad for you.

Continue to stay mad if you like, but these artists will continue to make money off of the expense of your 3 a.m. Twitter rant and people will stream their stuff. Period.

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'The Perfect Date' Has The Perfect Plotline...Just Like Every Other Coming Of Age Movie Like, Ever

Seriously... enough.


*** SPOILER ALERT*** ... not that there really could be one for yet another coming of age film.

Ah, we meet again. Netflix has made another original film staring, of course, their current Star-boy Noah Centineo. This movie is about a teenage boy, who works a part-time job after school, has split up parents, and has always *big shocker here* wanted to date the most popular girl in school. In this movie, Brooks and his best friend create an app where people can request his services for dates, dances, etc, for a small fee. He plans to use his earnings to pay for Yale if he is accepted. This app became an idea after a classmate's cousin's parents paid Brooks to take their daughter to a school dance.

Surprisingly enough, the girl, Celia, and Brooks become friends, and even grow a fondness of one another even though their relationship is supposed to be staged, as Celia's parents had paid Brooks to date her. Anyway, of course, they stage a breakup, where Celia is hurt because she actually likes Brooks, then Brooks goes out with the hot girl, they don't work out, and he inevitably goes back to Celia. This is where I thought the movie might be different, or at least interesting. Celia turned Brooks down because she didn't want to be his second choice. Finally, a girl stands up for herself in one of these movies!

That is until 5 minutes later into the film when she shows up at his door to confess her love. Of. Course. The movie ends with Brooks getting into Yale and they all live happily ever after in Netflix land. I'm OVER it!!! I have seen just about 837 movies with this exact same plot, with similar actors, made over the last few decades. Enough is enough. I want something different. I want the girl guy to tell the guy or girl that they don't want to be their backup and actually MEAN IT for once! Then show said person happy with someone else or devoting time to self-love and growth instead of just running back to the protagonist and them going off into the enchanted forest of romance and butterflies.

Give me drama. Give me depth. Show me the couple ten years later living separate lives. I don't need to be reaffirmed that love and happiness always happen at the end of a high school dance. Show me real life.

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Living As A Christian In Today's World Is Much Easier Said Than Done

Becoming a Christian and dedicating yourself and your actions to that lifestyle is more than a statement.


This article is hard for me to write. I think I've been writing some great content lately about topics that influence me such as singleness, what it means to deny yourself, and being an introvert, but this topic hits differently for me for two reasons. First, this is something I'm currently and actively struggling with; second, I don't necessarily want to share this information about myself, but I think others will relate to it and know that there's hope.

What does being a Christian really entail?

Being a Christian includes some strict rules and ways of life that I'm supposed to stay committed to. While I don't like to refer to them as "rules," I use this word to emphasize what they feel like right now.

As a Christian who has recently rededicated her life to seriously changing my actions to reflect the person I say I am, I can honestly tell you:

This Christian lifestyle thing is no joke.

It's something that requires you to literally battle with your own self daily.

It requires attention, feeding and taking care of during your busy life and free time.

It's something that although you could easily give up, pressures you to stay for longer.

It's something that guilts you, but in a good way???

To put it in simpler terms, being a Christian means not having sex before marriage, reading the Bible and/or doing devotions daily, not smoking, not getting drunk, no masturbating or watching anything inappropriate, denying yourself and your emotions/feelings, and a whole range of other things.

Living a Christian lifestyle means living much differently than your peers.

If you're like me and aren't surrounded 24/7 by Christian friends and influences, it's hard to see the light sometimes.

Secular living is the easy way out.

It gives you everything you want and desire. It gives you pleasure, release, fun, and all those other things you may think you can't find in Christianity.

But the downside of secular living is that it doesn't promise you anything that will last in this life.

It won't give you anything that lasts forever, only temporary things.

It won't give you everlasting life. It won't give you security, safety, or true love. It won't allow you to experience the fullness of what life, or should I say what God has to offer you.

These are some serious aspects of Christianity that make me want to turn away from secular living and commit myself to God. However, writing it and saying it is a lot easier said than done. When it comes to saying "no" and changing my actions to stray away from secular activities, this is a battle that I haven't become comfortable with. I did NOT realize it would be this hard.

The Struggle Is Real

One week, I'm strong in my faith, doing my devotionals daily, praying, and encouraging myself to stay on the right track. Then it all dwindles down to one day. There's one day where I'm strong in my faith and still on the right track, but my mind starts to wander. Whether I'm influenced by a friend, something I saw on TV, or even one word, the smallest thing can hinder my once secure mindset and allow Satan to seep in and take control. It's one of the worst feelings when this starts to happen.

But the twist is that it turns from worse to better.

The once sinful thought that made my mind wander soon becomes my escape, becomes normal. Just another everyday part of my lifestyle...again.

This cycle can sometimes feel never-ending. That's because it is. While I wish living a Christian lifestyle allowed me to be sober for the rest of my life and never relapse, it's just not that easy.

Go back to all of the things I listed that living a Christian lifestyle requires of you. It's a lot to take in and it's intense. However, the benefits are amazing. Sure, eternal life, heaven, and God always on my side are awesome aspects. But the real reason I'm trying to live accordingly to my beliefs is because God loves me.

Even as I write that phrase, "God loves me," a part of me doesn't really know what that means.

That just goes to show you how much I still have to learn and how much I'm still struggling with this whole Christianity thing. As someone who was raised Christian to the extent where I couldn't go a day without God being mentioned, I can tell you firsthand that it doesn't make it any easier.

I'm a 20-year-old in college with a Christian background, Christian parents, and available options to seek God in my life, yet I'm still struggling. That's not to say struggling is a bad thing, because no one said becoming a Christian and living like one would be easy.

I'm just trying to put myself into a perspective that says: you're not alone.

One day at a time. One scripture at a time. One prayer at a time. It's all in time. I'll let you know when I get close. But for now, I'm trying my best.

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