Sometimes I Really Hate How Cell Phones Have Changed Relationships

Our society and culture are so centered around technology and I have to say it isn't always for the best. With the huge rise in technology and cell phones, it has completely destroyed relationships. There is so much that is not genuine anymore and it is hurting relationships. Everything from texting to dating apps, cell phones have caused there to be less and less put into relationships.

People used to have to actually talk to each other face to face and if they wanted to ask someone on a date they did it in person. There were so many things that were fantastic about the way that dating used to be. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I'm a little biased there as well, but all I'm saying is a guy should actually take a girl out on real dates and get to know here. So often conversations and relationships form through text messages and things can be misconstrued or even the relationship itself can be very fragile and when it ends it doesn't seem to be a surprise.

On top of that, dating apps and online dating have brought a whole other mess to the dating platform. There are so many people who get cat-fished (someone pretending to be someone else) or people who have to watch out, it can make anything online pretty scary. People have to be careful of who they go on dates with that they meet online because they never know who they're really meeting.

With the introduction of technology and cell phones, dating has become something that is so quick. You can get to know someone in a week through text and then just like that you're dating. People chat and then plan a date, but sometimes the quickness of a relationship formed through technology can be its downfall. There is just something so sweet and special about really taking the time to get to know someone. Our grandparents and parents put so much time and effort into their relationships and that is something that is definitely admirable.

I will say though, that there are so benefits to the introduction of cell phones into relationships. Cell Phones have allowed for more communication and easier communication to occur. Long distance relationships definitely benefit from cell phones, as well as those who are wanting to branch out from the normal people they know. There can be some great benefits with cell phones in relationships and those benefits are amazing. Technology can bring easier communication and allows for people to make connections that they might not have made otherwise. Even while writing this, I had a whole conversation with my coworker, let's call him Curtis, about the role of cell phones in relationships and there were pros and cons to each side looked at.

In the end, relationships are going to constantly be growing and evolving as our society and culture changes. Yet no matter how it changes and what pros and cons come out of that, there will always be something special about the way relationships used to be without cell phones.

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