Harsh Realizations Once You Leave Florida

Living in Florida for seven months can truly change your lifestyle. The heat can get a bit much, but there are plenty of other things that make up for it. I have since moved back to Iowa and these are the struggles I now face.

You still get excited seeing home apparel.

I have been home shopping and doing what little there is, and I would see Iowa apparel and get excited. Like is that an Iowa shirt or University of Northern Iowa tee, like the school I go to? Wait, I am in Iowa. I can no longer bond over the fact that Iowa is in their blood too because that would be foolish since I’m back in Iowa. I got so used to getting excited and bonding over the fact that someone knew what Iowa was and is probably even from there! It will definitely take some time to get back used to it.

No More Wawa.

I will longer find a Wawa. I’m not to concerned about the gas they sold, but their milkshakes were legitimately to die for. I would simply drive there for one. I also won’t find a Cici’s Pizza every block either. I mean, it was cheap pizza but it was a pizza buffet. I don’t pass up pizza buffets either.

Man, it is only 80 degrees outside? I need a sweatshirt.

Let me tell you that Florida weather is something unlike any other. Oh, it's suppose to rain today, and tomorrow, and the whole month of July? Sounds about right. The chance of rain would be there for everyday, but who knows if it actually would or not. I also got used to the heat, which can literally take more than a hot second to get used to. I would often get in to my car and the temperature would read 99 degrees. I always thought it was a good day when the temp isn't more than double digits and when the humidity isn't there that is something to applaud for. The humidity will consistently make you feel unacceptably gross. I had never had back sweat until living in Florida. I got back to Iowa and often find myself in sweatshirts and jeans when it's 84 degrees out. The picture below is an appropriate picture on how I felt majority of the time.

Wait, people don’t wear Chacos here?

I got so used to seeing everyone and their mom sport the Chaco. If you don’t know what they are, well then, visit Florida sometime and you will see plenty. I don’t know how comfortable they are, but I do have to say they look better than Crocs, which yes people still wear those too. I had almost gave in to buy some, but didn’t. You truly don’t know how popular they are until you live there. Chacos also leave a killer tan line, which you know, is cool I guess?

You don't see those familiar faces.

I had gotten the chance to meet, work with, and hang out with some incredibly amazing people. I wouldn't have been able to have the best time I did without the company of everyone. I genuinely thank everyone for being there and building some amazing memories. I now have a reason to travel and see everyone though, which is pretty cool.

So, I Can’t Go To The Parks?

I would spend my time often going to the parks at Walt Disney World and even venturing over to Universal Studios. If I wasn’t at the parks, I would have stumbled on down to Disney Springs. I wouldn’t be bored, which is an accomplishment in its own. I truly miss everything to do, because there was always something new to do!

It will definitely take some time to adjust back to the non-Florida lifestyle. I miss it already though.

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