13 Magical Christmas Gift Ideas For The Potterhead In Your Life

13 Magical Christmas Gift Ideas For The Potterhead In Your Life

Because while Christmas time might be magical, gift buying is usually not as alluring.

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Christmas shopping can truly be a pain, especially for someone who is difficult to find a gift for. If you know the recipient lives and breathes "Harry Potter" then look no further, the master will tell you all about it. Sit back, relax, and get ready to find the perfect present.

1. Sherpa Throw Blanket

December is a frigid month and when your little Potterhead as a "Harry Potter" movie marathon (because they're played during the holidays!), they would most likely love to be able to cuddle up with their sherpa themed blanket.

2. Wand Replicas

The shop also has interactive wands! Albeit, they are only interactive with the Universal Harry Potter parks, they're still pretty cool. There are interactive wands that come in some replicas like Harry's or Hermione's. If you do purchase an interactive wand, it comes with a map with every place in the park with the corresponding spell and wand movement. Yer a wizard, Harry.

3. Trivial Pursuit

As a proud Ravenclaw, showcasing my knowledge is a must and honestly just a chance for me to flex on my friends. Make it interesting by if you get a question wrong, you have to take a shot of alcoholic butterbeer or pumpkin juice (if you and your players are of legal age).

4. Sorting House Candle

This Etsy shop also has some other "Harry Potter"-inspired scents so if you are unsure of the person's house or just don't like the idea of a candle changing color, you have options.

5. Makeup Brushes

Magical makeup is only for the best of the best. This set also comes with a pouch to store and cleansing brush mat.

6. House Scarf Camera Strap

Not only is this gift super creative, it will keep your photographer friend cozy during the chilly months of photo shoots outside! Again, make sure you know what house they're in!

7. Christmas Ornament/s

The Universal shop has a great array of different ornaments to choose from including the traditional ornament ball, the Hogwarts Express, and characters' Yule Ball outfits. And you don't have to travel all the way to Florida or California to purchase. We love shipping.

8. Alex and Ani Collection

Jewelry may not be said person's thing, but they'll definitely wear it for special occasions.

9. House Apparel

Repping whether you're a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin for a Potterhead is like repping your all-time favorite football team or the college that you attend, you can never have too much merch. All of the sites linked in this article have apparel, just make sure that you know what house they are in otherwise it will be very awkward when they open the present. Also, be mindful of their own personal style.

10. "Harry Potter" Pop! Advent Calendar

Not only are advent calendars are amazing, but when you throw "Harry Potter" and Pop! collectibles into the mix, it's hard to top. Other popular "Harry Potter"-themed advent calendars include socks and candies. Of course, the magical candies.

11. Travel Mug

Reduce your plastic intake with a reusable cup. The environment and your wallet will thank you. Where do I pour the butterbeer?

12. Cookbook

I can't guarantee everything will taste as good as Mrs. Weasley's cooking, but one can only try their hardest.

13. A Trip To The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando

OK, so maybe this one is a little over the top and too expensive. A girl can dream. I went for my high school graduation in 2018 and let's just say, there were no words to describe the feelings as you walked through the parks and attractions. I will be going again this Christmas and am overly ecstatic to see all of the holiday decorations up.

With a fandom as large as this, you will never be short of finding a gift for your little Potterhead. It doesn't have to be expensive or over the top (although the trip to Universal is pretty amazing), it's always the thought that counts. Always.

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