Every college student can relate to having that one semester that pushed them and motivated them like no other. While it took a lot of hard work, time, commitment, and motivation, the feelings you get when it's all over are bittersweet.

1. Relief

Whether it be walking out of your last class after taking your final exam or submitting your final assignment, you get that feeling of relief in knowing you're finally done, and it's an amazing feeling.

2. "I need a nap"

After a week of pulling all-nighters and cramming in all the studying you could for your final exams, the next thing on your mind is catching up on sleep being that you're probably physically and mentally exhausted.

3. Anticipation

Next comes anticipation when you remember that finals grades come out within the next few days and you can't officially take college classes of your radar just yet.

4. Celebration

But when your grades do come out and you're able to see that all your hard work paid off, you're happy, excited, and ready to celebrate your accomplishments

5. "Let's drink"

And I don't know about you, but I say the best way to celebrate it by having a drink.

To everyone who just completed their hardest semester of college yet, we did it!!