It's Really Hard To Find Scholarships For College

I've always heard that if one wanted money for college, you could apply for grants and scholarships. As you all know (or should know), I haven't been in school since the spring of 2017, due to financial aid saying I've reached the maximum amount of loans I can use.

I honestly never knew there was a limit to how many school loans one took out, but nevertheless, I decided to find grants and scholarships so I could finally graduate. It's been two years now — AND I STILL HAVEN'T ACQUIRED ANY GRANTS OR SCHOLARSHIPS!

My GPA is a 2.8, I'm in good standing, I'm a Black, bisexual, cisfemale, I'm one semester from FINALLY achieving a Bachelor's degree — surely there must be SOME grants and/or scholarships out there for me! Yet for two years, I haven't even come close to scoring any. Scores upon scores of applications and essays equal no money for me.

People make it sound so easy to acquire money for college. College scholarship websites advertise how there are winners all the time. Who are these people? Where are these people? If there are winners, why don't I know any? When I was in high school, I knew classmates that received scholarships and grants. Outside of high school? I don't know anyone who received grants and/or scholarships.

I'm beginning to think that getting grants and scholarships to pay for college is a myth. One of those carrots of hope to dangle in front of hopeful but severely poor graduates.

It's been suggested that I pay out of pocket. Sure, I can pull about $6,000 out my pocket — no problem! It's been suggested that I pay for a class at a time. Sure, I can pull about $1,300 out my pocket — no problem! This doesn't even cover books mind you. This is just the tuition costs!!! So, no. I can't pay out of pocket, people.

It's also been suggested that I just give up since one doesn't need a degree to be successful in the world. I think that belief is true and false. We read stories every day of people who live comfortably financially without a degree. They either luck out and get a great job that doesn't require experience or a degree, or they start a business that catches fire right out the gate. Heck, some people learn a trade and make tons of money doing that. It's possible to be one of those people. It's possible for me or anyone to be one of those people. However, I feel like I'm guaranteed much more success in life if I can get a degree. The positions that interest me want Bachelor's and Master's degrees if one doesn't have experience. So, yeah, I have to go the degree route people.

It's been suggested that I switch schools. Find a school that's cheaper so that I could pay out of pocket. In other words, start all over again. All these credit hours I've taken wasted since once I transfer schools, I have to take classes over again to comply with the graduation standards of the new school. I'm not sure if many people know how transferring colleges work. So, no, transferring is not an option for me people.

I'm not sure what else I can do to get the money I need to at least get my Bachelor's. In my searches, I've seen a couple of scholarships and grants for those pursuing a Master's degree — which I didn't even know people could get scholarships and grants to pursue a Master's. I was told one had to use loans, pay out of pocket, or be a Graduate Assistant to have one's tuition paid. If getting scholarships and grants for a Bachelor's degree is so difficult, it's most likely impossible to get money for a Master's degree. Just another dangled carrot waiting for tons of hungry bunnies.

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