Here's Why It's Hard To Find Meaningful Relationships In College

Here's Why It's Hard To Find Meaningful Relationships In College

Mr. Right most likely isn't emotionally mature yet.

If you’re single at this point in your college career, you’ll understand the perpetual feeling of disappointment. Granted, while some of us are lucky to have found a solid significant other by now, others are still in search of that iconic, Disney-inspired relationship. Unfortunately, this is a hard sell in the college world.

We’ve been told since the early years of middle school that boys are only after one thing. With most men in college, this rule applies. Girls, on the other hand, chase after something more significant. Girls want relationships. Our minds have been fed with these expectations since the first day we were exposed to television. The media has filled us with visions of the perfect relationship. According to the shows we watch, we are supposed to meet a nice boy in an unexpected way, win him over with our inherent grace and charm, and end up staying with him for the rest of our lives. Life, however, has no script. When we expect insanely specific and ultimately unrealistic things like this, we end up hurting only ourselves and our confidence in the long run.

Nonetheless, don’t look negatively on relationships. Special people will come into your life, but you have to wait until the right moment. If you push it too far or expect too much, you’ll ruin it for yourself and the other person involved. The best thing to do if you haven’t found someone yet is wait. It will happen when it’s meant too. The right person is out there, but you can’t force the feelings. Take this time in college to focus primarily on yourself and your career goals. When Prince Charming is ready, he’ll show up at your door.
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