Happy Last Day Of Your First Week In College
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Happy Last Day Of Your First Week Of College

A letter for freshmen from a junior.

Happy Last Day Of Your First Week Of College

Dear Freshmen,

You did it! You survived your first week of classes in college. I know that this week was stressful for some of you and exciting for others, but you did it. You made it through syllabus week and your first full week away from home.

Some of you made some poor choices, that is okay, just make sure you learn from them.

Others were shy and had difficulty opening up. That is okay, too, just be sure to use your college experience to grow as a person. Try new things and do things that may seem out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, people don't grow in their comfort zone, so be sure to branch out.

From here on out make sure that you look at Canvas daily and stay on top of classes. If you need help with anything ask your RA and they can give you the answers or resources that you need in order to achieve great things.

This is the beginning of your future, so make sure that you try as hard as you can. It is okay to stumble, just make sure that you always get back up.

I have been where you are. I remember the fear, the loneliness, the doubt, the anxiety, the happiness, and the freedom. This is the start of your journey into adulthood. This is where you begin to answer the big questions and make the big decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Don't rush into things and listen to your gut, it is rarely wrong.

Enjoy your time in college and I hope you have an amazing first year.

Yours truly,

A Junior

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