Happy Birthday(s)!
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Happy Birthday(s)!

The truth about birthdays and getting older

Happy Birthday(s)!
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Birthdays: the most exciting and magical day as a kid is no longer what it used to be. Growing up, your birthday felt like the most special day of the year. A whole day, just for you. But as you grow older, for some reason, birthdays lose some of their excitement. Sadly, as you get older your birthday becomes less and less exciting. It is really just any other day, filled with lots to do. Unlike when you are younger, you still have to be a productive human being on your birthday. When you are young, you always want to be older. There is always something to look forward to as you get old; some new perk or privilege that comes with age. But then once you are older, you just want to be younger. Still, nothing beats getting a great big birthday cake with the infamous sparkler candles that never (ever) blow out.

For some weird reason, up until you reach 21, birthdays get better and better. When you are little birthdays are the best simply because you get a party, presents, cake, and to have a fun day with friends. Once you reach the age of 8, that is when things start to change. At 8 years old it is finally time you get to say goodbye to that dreaded car seat you have been forced to sit in for way to long. Next comes 12, because you longer have to sit in the back, but can finally join the driver up front. It is not really all that much better, but if you weren’t excited about it, you weren’t a 12 year-old. The next year is great also because 13 means you are officially a teen! It also means you’re in eight grade and what comes after eight grade? That’s right, high school! For now, you’re the kings and queens of the middle school but soon you will be “fresh meat”. It’s your 14th birthday, finally, high school has arrived. Even though you are still just a freshman, anything beats middle school. Now that you’re in high school, you feel more like a young adult. You change classes, meet all new people, and start to party. Fast-forward a few years and then, depending on the state, you get your license at 16 or 17. Getting your drivers license is one of the best parts of getting older. Everyone goes to take their drivers test on their birthday, which is dangerous because If you fail then everyone knows about it. Regardless, getting your license gives you a whole new realm of adulthood and freedom. No longer must your parents drive you anywhere and everywhere. You can finally do it yourself. Then 18 rolls around and you are a senior in high school and committed to college. By this time, you are done with high school. You can drive, you can vote, you can join the army, you’re practically an adult, right? And college, college is just amazing. You have so much more independence and freedom. You are much more of an adult now. And going out for your birthdays in college is quite the fun extravaganza. Then all of the birthdays in between 18 and 21 are just about getting closer to 21. 20 is cool, not only because you’re only one year away from 21, but also because you have officially been alive for two whole decades. Scary right? And then after 20 comes the infamous and anxiously awaited 21st birthday! You have finally made it: you are legally allowed it drink, at least in the United States, because everywhere else you were legal four years before. 21st birthdays are legendary, filled with lots of alcohol and partying. Eventually though you graduate college and have to become a real adult in the real world. After this and further down the road, people have less time to celebrate birthdays. They are still special, but eventually reach an age where people thinking you’re younger than you actually are is a compliment. Regardless though, birthdays are always special. Heck on your birthday, the world was blessed with your presence so they have to celebrate you! Happy birthday everyone!

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