Happy Birthday Stina
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Happy Birthday Stina

The Awkward Birthday

Happy Birthday Stina

Happy Birthday Christina!

I am so happy that I was able to meet a person like you here at college, I am proud to call you my other half. From talking at the same time, to making fun of each other and never letting us live down the funny moments we share. “Kelley” our relationship is one that I never thought I would be apart of. It is crazy to think that we have gone through the same situations in life at the same time just with different people. I don’t know how they let us live apart for nineteen years but they messed up by letting you live by the beach while I got stuck in Rochester. You went from just being a person across from me at the breakfast table after a terrible hangover to my absolute best friend. Finding my twin with the same taste in music, food and basically everything we do, my spirit animal when we both choke on cheeseballs while the other falls backwards in a chair and on top of that being able to come closer by joining the same sorority making us sisters. You are one of the strongest people that I have ever met, continuing to move forward after every heartbreak and set back that you have faced. You make the hell hole that is Utica a little brighter when you jump around saying “pretty little liars” with a nice ballet move even though you cannot dance. I am so happy that I get to spend this awkward birthday with you! Even though nineteen isn't a birthday bragged about on pinterest I do hope this is still a birthday to remember. Even if your celebration sucks (which it won't) I am sure that the 9-9:30 class schedule will ensure some interesting memories! Although a lot of our moments should not be shared with the public I know that that this weekend is one for our table. I cannot wait for more crazy memories over the next three years of living with you. I hope you also understand that we will probably be tone deaf since we scream songs since you know we cannot sing. If nothing else comes from my time here in the dirty U, I am glad that the 315 gave me an awesome twin. Enjoy your rick and morty you weirdo.

  • Guten Abend M.
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