Ivory Ella is a company that sells clothes and accessories with elephants. Their slogan is “Good Clothes for a Good Cause," and is owned by five people. Get this, four of the five people are twenty-four years or younger, and they all went Temple University where they received degrees in social media and marketing. Together, the five have started and amazing company to support elephants and other organizations.

Some might wonder why elephants? Why not another animal? The owners of the company started to realize the many people love elephants.... I mean who wouldn’t? If you wonder why I love elephants or why other people love elephants, see a past article of mine to explain the love for them. On April 18, 2017, the company Ivory Ella will have reached their two-year mark! Two years ago, when I first discovered the company, I thought, "What a great way to raise money for elephants!"

Each month, Ivory Ella donates 10% of their profits to Save the Elephants, and in addition, they donate another 10% to any of the organizations that they dedicated a shirt to. For example, it is Autism Awareness month, and they have a shirt that is an elephant with puzzle pieces inside--a symbol to bring awareness to the cause. When a shirt is purchased, 10% goes to Save The Elephants and another 10% goes to Autism Research.

Ivory Ella never takes away from the portion that goes to elephants rather they take more percentage from their own profits. Another shirt that they are doing this month is for Make A Wish Foundation. Between these two shirts, 40% of their profits are claimed, 20% for Save The Elephants, 10% for Autism Research and then 10% for Make A Wish Foundation.

I think this is a wonderful thing that Ivory Ella has been doing and will continue to do. Some of the other shirts that have been made are Breast Cancer Research, American Heart Association and Boston Children's Hospital for Pediatriatrics. There are many, many more causes that they have donated to! The company has donated over $1.3 Million to charity and counting!

Here is the Autism Research Shirt and Make A Wish Shirt!

I got the chance to speak to Robin Vinson, who works at Ivory Ella, and she told me something that is truly special: a handful of people who work at Ivory Ella got the chance to go to Kenya, and contribute to a local school there. She shared the videos with me from Kenya:


The fence needed to be put in place for the school because the young women were afraid to stay there because they did not feel safe.They did not feel safe because they would either get taken or other things would happen to them. With the fence, they finally were able to feel safe and secure that they were able to stay there and get their education. The fence gave back their education back!

This video shows what Save The Elephants do.

Ivory Ella gives back to so many schools and companies, it is truly amazing. This company has worked so hard over the past couple years! I highly recommend that everyone go and check them out and see what a great company they are! Check them out at https://www.ivoryella.com/

I am in love with the items I have from this company and I cannot wait to get more! I just love how purchasing a shirt benefits other people! It makes me happy knowing the money is going to good places!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ivory Ella!! Keep Up The Great Work!