During times of happiness, sadness, and frustrations, you were always there to give support. Over the years, when I began learning new things about life and myself, you provided advice and motivation so I could achieve success. I know you will be proud of all that I have accomplished. Even though I cannot see you anymore, I will always have the memories that we shared.

Thank you for all the great stories.

The funny and informative speeches you would tell always made me smile. Occasionally, I wanted to know something about your life or a topic in school and you explained so I could understand. Your wisdom and fun facts made learning about history more interesting. You introduced me to your favorite shows and films and that is how I became a fan of science fiction movies like "Star Wars," classic ones like "The Godfather," action/dramas like "Rocky," and developed an overall appreciation for cinema.

You always took me to sporting events and recreational activities.

During the summertime, you would take me to see the Long Island Ducks play, and — since I won a contest one time — had the opportunity to meet some of the players, get lessons, and have lunch from Outback Steakhouse at the stadium before watching a game at night with fireworks afterward. Going fishing together and seeing you at my karate classes as I climbed the ranks to get my black belt were other great memories. I wished you were able to travel more — glad you had fun the one time you took me to Washington D.C. — but it is okay. No matter where everyone decided to go, you always enjoyed yourself.

I learned how to balance my education and life thanks to you.

School was difficult, but I still enjoyed learning, meeting new people, and adapting to changes. Your inspiration allowed me to come up with ideas for projects and you encouraged me to complete assignments earlier and not procrastinate. Really glad that I took your advice because it made my weekends stress-free. By making school a top priority, I was able to experience life more and did not have to worry too much about homework or projects.

Your unique and fun personality will always be remembered.

Just like the weather you had good days and bad ones. However, you always put family first. I always valued your opinion and wished you were still around to tell me your thoughts on society today (excluding action and superhero movies, you will most likely be shocked, angry, and/or disappointed), but I hope you are happy and peaceful. There were so many things that made you laugh and smile, but I know you will be remembered for your generosity, sense of humor, and love for Grandma's cooking.

If it was not for your faith in me, I would not be as motivated to succeed in life.

While you were still with us, I learned to be grateful for your kindness. Grandma and I, along with the rest of the family, miss you so much and remember the memories you shared with us. Thank you for being in my life, Grandpa. Although you are no longer here, I realize that you will always be watching over me.

Happy birthday in heaven, and may the force be with you.