Living in today’s society, it can be extremely hard for an individual to feel as if they are enough. Whether or not you receive enough recognition for your accomplishments, whether or not your good deeds are commendable, and the list goes on. Our world has molded this unforeseen culture of motivating individuals to be constantly “on top.”

This theory of being the most accomplished student in my class, is most definitely commendable, but does that define who I am? Absolutely not.

What happened to others being genuinely happy for people in their successful endeavors?

What happened to congratulate people on their job promotion, or praising a friend for stepping out of their comfort zone?

Having the ability to post on social media about your latest achievement, is both a blessing and a curse. An individual may post a picture of their recent award, however on the other side of the screen, another individual can often time be found reading the post, looking at your picture thinking “She doesn’t deserve that award,” or “I know how he got that, he must’ve known someone.”

The intentions of these sometimes boastful comments may just be singing the praises of themselves for a change.

However, the alternative negative thoughts about individuals have stemmed from a series of jealousy, hatred, and plain and simple mean people – all because everyone is so wrapped up in the thought of being “on top.” It is simply disgusting to think about the amount of negativity towards other individuals that have been produced over the past several years.

So what she won that award?

So what he got that job promotion you may have been wanting?

It is SO important in this life to realize that not everyone is meant to be the same person.

What one person may be good at, would be another individual’s worst nightmare and THAT IS OKAY. You are the captain of your own ship. If you want that award, go out and win it. If you want that job promotion, go out and earn it.

People should stop shaming others for their achievements and simply be happy for them! It’s not hard to take a step back and think about how that other person must’ve felt at the moment.

Maybe they were on top of the world, who knows?

No one has the right to be jealous or downright mean to others over their personal accomplishments. Let others be, and you will continue down the path that YOU choose to follow.