Hannah Ann And Madi Prewett Are Hanging Out And I Wish I Could See Barb's Face Right Now
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Hannah Ann And Madi Prewett Are Hanging Out And I Wish I Could See Barb's Face Right Now

Oh, Barb.

Hannah Ann And Madi Prewett Are Hanging Out And I Wish I Could See Barb's Face Right Now

On July 9, social media lit up with photos and videos of Hannah Ann and Madi Prewett hanging out and having a ball.

Yes, you read that right.

The final two beauties from Pilot Pete's season of "The Bachelor" have sparked a friendship in the aftermath of his nightmarish love journey.

Hannah Ann shared the above photo on Instagram, captioned "Quarantine really has been testing how creative I can get with being spontaneous🤣 I love finding new spots to enjoy a picnic & sunset... especially with this cutie as my date 😉💕". How cute!

She shared two other photos in the post as well, including a snapshot of the two ladies sporting colorful cloth masks, and a photo of them enjoying a picnic by the water.

Madi Prew posted an equally as adorable collection of photos to her own page, captioning them "On a date... kinda nervous".

But that's not all!

Hannah Ann and Madi also made TikToks... and both are pretty hilarious.

In, Hannah Ann's video, the pair recreate their iconic facial expressions from their time on The Bachelor, taking part in the "pose challenge".

The TikTok on Madi's profile shows the girls performing various household activities... very incorrectly. On purpose. From burnt waffles to food on the floor, to kicking ice under the fridge, the girls poked fun at the expectations that make a woman "wifey material".

Their video was filmed with the song "Marry Me" by Rasheeda, and the internet loves to see these two women hyping each other up and bonding after their mutual heartbreak.

I wonder what Barb is thinking about it all. I'm sure everyone's favorite Bachelor villain has a lot of opinions... maybe its better that they stay toned down.

Anyone would remember the way Madi Prew was publicly disrespected, on live television, by Barb on ATFR. How could you forget?

So, Barb, how does it feel to see this duo thriving and better than ever?

Personally, I am loving it. Two women raising each other up is something we should always support.

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