The world can’t get enough Hamilton. It’s won ALL of the awards, is sold out for the YEAR in minutes, and its creating records for tickets and albums alike. Is it a fad that will die with the season, or is the hype really all that? Upon watching the musical online and listening to the soundtrack countless times, my vote would be yes, it is defiantly worth all the hype. The reasons I rank it my top musical of all time range from its unique musical style to its affluence off the stage. Here are some of the ways Hamilton is changing the Broadway game, and changing the world…


A new generation of educators have entered the field with a passion to teach a new enthusiasm to use creative methods of teaching. Hamilton has given many teachers ideas on getting students more involved in the classroom and more excited about the material they teach. On the wed you can find dozens of videos of teachers incorporating rapping, plays, and creative methods to get their kids wanting to come to class. One of the recent viral sensations using a Hamilton like rap to introduce his syllabus is Dwayne Reed, a science professor from Chicago. Check out his videos here!


Hamilton at its core is an intelligent biography of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton. We learn of his humble beginnings, the revolution, and his influence in the founding of the country. From an educational perspective, although Hamilton has its historical flaws, the watcher not only learns the history behind our country and founding father, but the humanity of figures we read about in books. From Washington to Burr, each character is explored through song/rap revealing that even those whom we read about have their flaws like ourselves. In this way Hamilton invites history lovers to dive into a past time, and inspires a younger generation to get excited about history.


Hamilton’s unique mixture of music styles draws in crowds of old and new. Younger generations can appreciate the energetic style that Hamilton brings to the stage in a way I would argue, other productions have yet to achieve. The musical is inspiring others to get involved in the arts scene, whether that be through Broadway, music, or dance.