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Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey, is one of the most inspirational artists in Hollywood right now. She is so refreshing to me, and she is a new type of pop-star that this generation hasn't really seen yet. Halsey is so much more than a singer; She is a poet and an artist. She is also one of the biggest advocates for women's rights. Halsey is such a role model and inspiration.

Halsey recently wrote a poem for Glamour magazine for their "Woman of the Year" event. In this poem, Halsey weaved together several different stories circling around women, mental health, race, and abuse. Listening to the singer read her poem in front of a large audience, I was hit with the realization that very few singers take the time to write poetry. I realized that this makes little to no sense due to the fact that lyrics are so similar to poetry. Halsey takes the time to write poetry because at her core she is in fact, a poet. The young singer actually started off by writing poetry while living in poverty in New York City. She then was able to turn her lines of poetry into melodic lyrics.

Halsey circled her poem around the topic of women being "inconvenient" to men. Being treated as an inconvenience is something that almost every woman has to deal with at some point in their lives. This poem stirred up so much inside of me because it made me realize that although woman has been equal to men for quite some time on paper, we still are not equal in every aspect of life. There are so many amazing men out in the world that would never treat women in this manner. Conversely, in my lifetime, I have sadly seen countless men that do treat woman this way as a sport. I think Halsey is recognizing that there really is no solution for this issue, however talking about it will help immensely.

News headlines of the singer being a "tri-bi" were circling around social media quite a bit around a year ago, due to the fact that she is part black, bi-sexual, and bipolar. She decided that instead of taking offense to this brutal nickname, she would take it and make more art that exemplifies who she is. The artist turned her struggles into art that would not only soothe her but many others as well.

In the next stanza, Halsey directs the audience to a scene around a woman who is being harassed at work and slaps a patron. "He put both his hands on her backside and squeezed…He said, 'White women really don't got 'em like these!'" (Halsey). After the woman is felt up, she gets let go from her job for acting "ghetto." Here, Halsey discusses racial issues as well as woman's right. There are so many injustices that women face every day, I can't imagine dealing racial issues as well. Halsey clearly understands what this it is like to deal with these issues, and it is great that she is raising awareness of these issues.

Halsey is the type of celebrity that I would want my future daughter looking up to one day. With so many other celebrity influencers out there, it is so refreshing that Halsey is breaking boundaries and creating art that will affect millions of people. Even though she is only a few years older than me, I look up to her so much. Halsey's lyrics can easily be read as poetry as well. I find that whatever I am going through in life, her music will always bring me back down to Earth.

Poetry is one of the most intimate types of art in the world. Since I had first listened to Halsey read her poetry, I continue to share it with as many people as I can. All of my close friends teared up when I showed it to them for the first time. It made me realize that so many women have dealt with this inequality at some point in their lives. Regardless of color, sexuality, or social status, all women have at least some experience in being patronized by men. I think by discussing this issue and creating art from it, this issue can be mitigated. Women are beginning to rise higher than they ever have before, I am so thankful for an artist like Halsey to spread awareness about this issue.

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