Many individuals always talk about how excited they are for Christmas to be here and the ability to listen to Christmas music without getting strange looks. But what they fail to do is make sure Thanksgiving gets it own time. No matter how excited we are for Christmas or Christmas music, it seems that everyone, on November 1, forgets that Thanksgiving is a holiday. A holiday, in which, we take time off to visit family and spend time with those who we care the most about, For others, the holiday season is one of the worst times of the year because it brings up old memories and forces some to deal with family situations which they spend all year trying to avoid.

Yet, every year the internet is flooded with images like this:

But really:

So many of us tend to forget that there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas. A holiday that is in little more than three weeks away. The day after Halloween brings, Christmas music, more holiday drinks from Starbuck and if you live in a city, decorations around the downtown area. But especially if you are not religious, Thanksgiving is a time for you to spend with friends and family and those you care about. It is a break from work or school or whatever it is that is currently happening in your life. A time to destress before Christmas arrives and you have to worry about how you're going to afford the Christmas presents you want to get for everyone on your list. A time to relax and time some extra time off work and sometimes even a time to meet your significant other's family.Thanksgiving is more of a time to spend with family than Christmas is. There's no worry about gifts, just good time spent with those you care about the most.

So don't skip Thanksgiving. Embrace it to take the time to be grateful for what you have and those who you have around you that you consider family. Sometimes the best thing is having friends that you consider family. This is what Thanksgiving is about and why we should never skip it. The holiday season is not just about Halloween and Christmas but about Thanksgiving too.