Why Halloween Night Is The Best Night For A One Night Stand
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Why Halloween Night Is The Best Night For A One Night Stand

Halloween is the single person's holiday, after all.

Why Halloween Night Is The Best Night For A One Night Stand
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There's no denying that Halloween is the best holiday in college.

Not only is Halloween an opportunity to be creative and come up with a super cool costume, but it's also an opportunity to party, which we all know a majority of college students love to do. Even if your form of creativity is throwing on all black and some cat ears, you still have an excuse to go out and have fun with your friends, which always makes for a good time.

I also firmly believe that Halloween night is the BEST night of the year for a one night stand.


Here are five reasons why.

1. Your identity doesn't have to be revealed.

We all know the awkwardness of seeing your one night stand a few days later on campus. You don't know if you should smile and say hey, so nine times out of ten you go out of your way to avoid even walking past them. Thanks to the spirit of Halloween, you'll already be dressed up in something much different than your normal day-to-day. Why not take it a step further to avoid the awkwardness of running into your hookup later? You could totally pretend to be someone completely different and hide your identity all the way just by using a fake name. You know you've always wanted to do it, and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do it.

Just keep in mind the safe thing - reveal your sexual history with your partner even if it's just for one night and be sure to use protection. Make sure they do the same. The scariest thing you'll see this Halloween is an STD or unwanted pregnancy.

2. A lot of people are in the mood to be freaky.

There's just something about events like Halloween that make people want to hook up. I'm not saying everyone is going to be 100% down to clown just because it's Halloween, but I know a lot more people go out on Halloween night with the thought of ending the night in someone else's bed in their mind. Also, getting into the role play of Halloween, it may be a lot easier for you to be completely open about all that you want in bed. Wanna get a little bit freakier than normal? Ask for it, it is Halloween after all.

Keep consent in mind, though. Costumes are not consent, and neither is the simple fact that it is Halloween. Be sure to verbalize what you want and if the person you're hooking up with isn't okay with something, be okay with that yourself.

3. You're someone else on Halloween.

Get really into character both on the dance floor and in the bedroom. You don't have to be normal, shy Becky who is afraid the guy she's making out with is going to judge her. Tonight, you're a witch, you're a ballerina, you're an emoji. Get into it and play up the role - and encourage your partner to do the same.

4. There are a lot more people out on Halloween, meaning your odds of finding a new cutie are pretty high.

When I partied a lot, I found that I was always surrounded by the same guys at parties. That got old, especially when I had hooked up with all of them that I was interested in. However, Halloween brings even the most introverted at heart out for a night. You never know - that cutie you've been eyeing in your economics class just might decide to hit up the same house as you. Your options are much better!

5. Halloween is the single person's holiday.

Couples have Valentine's Day. Single people have Halloween. Use this to your advantage and celebrate the night by ending it in someone else's bedroom.

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