Halfway There?
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Student Life

Halfway There?

Reflecting on the first two years of my college career.

Halfway There?

As a college student, sometimes it feels like time is passing slowly. Every day that you want to go by fast seems to take forever. But, whenever you have something due at midnight, it seems like the time goes by way too fast.

Finals time is just like this, except on a larger scale. Looking at the end of the semester, depending on your major, you could have multiple tests to study for plus papers, or you could be like me and have a ton of papers to write, right at the end of the semester.

Thinking about what I have left to do in the semester, I get a little nervous. With a final paper in each class left to get done and a week left to finish them, it's all I can focus on.

But, when I'm finished, I'll be halfway done with college. Crazy, right? My sophomore year will be over, and I will be heading home to get some much needed rest and relaxation for three months.

Then I think to myself, am I really almost done with school? It feels like I just got here a week ago, being dropped off for the first time as a little freshman, so afraid that I didn't even want to approach anyone and talk to them.

But I've grown as a person. I no longer am too scared to meet new people. In fact, the amount of people I have met during my sophomore year far exceeds the number that I would have thought I would have met as a freshman.

But, that's a little extreme. I have come out of my shell considerably since I came back to school in August. As a freshman, I spent my weekends inside of my dorm room, watching Netflix by myself. Sophomore year has been a wake up call for me. I learned that there is nothing wrong with going out on the weekends, and there is nothing wrong with breaking free from the notion that someone who is considered a good kid can't have a little fun every once in a while.

As a sophomore, I learned that there is more to school than just school. There is a time for seriousness, though, and a time where you need to get things done. First semester, I found myself up doing homework until three in the morning because I would sit on my phone until eleven and then start my homework. It was a mistake, but I learned from it. I still have fun, and I get my stuff done at an earlier time because sleep is important sometimes.

Embarking on the rest of my college career is a scary thought, especially knowing that for as fast as my first two years have gone by, the second two years will go by even faster.

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