Two years down, two to go. That's what completing your sophomore year of college feels like. There's definitely a wide variety of emotions that come with being halfway done your college years (assuming, that you follow the typical "4-year" college path). Who better than our favorite Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott to relate to our multitude of feelings associated with wrapping up college year number two.

1. That awesome feeling when completing your last final of sophomore year

Nothing like a great celebratory feeling than leaving your last final of the school year. Michael Scott would've certainly held an office party to celebrate your accomplishments and get the party planning committee to throw something together at the last minute for you.

2. That hot-shot feeling when you're now an upperclassman

You're not a newbie to the college scene anymore, you're definitely a hardened member of the school. In the fall, you'll be telling newbie freshmen of school years past and how horrible the dementors are as a tough upperclassman who completely knows what they're talking about.

3. When you realize you need to start figuring out what you want to do

Junior year means that the questions about your future skyrocket, and that's about the scariest thing that can happen. At least you have the summer to reflect on what some of your potential answers or excuses are going to be.

4. When you don't recognize anyone from your high school now

Sure, you've only been out two years, so you should at least recognize a decent amount of the current high school students, but you're realizing that you recognize absolutely no one in pictures or photos from your high school.

5. Realizing you mostly have to take major classes and not liberal arts fillers anymore

Michael Scott definitely would've spent his first two years in "Intro to Musical Theater" and "Parkour 101", but when it's actually time to take important, that's when panic mode starts to kick in. Classes with a meaningful impact on your future? Scary!

6. When you realize you're halfway done paying college bills

Halfway done receiving those term bills! You're getting a big chunk of those payments out of the way! What a positive relief to have those done, it's almost like the joy of hitting Meredith with your car in the parking lot.

7. But when you realize you have two years of paying college bills to go

Yikes! Still have four semesters worth of bills to pay, which is going to cost a pretty penny and likely loans to last us for years. Hopefully, we'll have some money to spare for our condo or a new George Foreman grill without foot on it.

8. Knowing that you're one year closer to never having to go to school again

It feels so close you can taste it. You only have two years left of studying, taking tests, and getting a mouthful from the professors. That's what she said.

9. But that once you finish these last two years you actually have to enter the real world

Are you going to be prepared for the outside world outside college? Is school going too quickly? Are you finally ready to act like an actual adult, Michael? That's what she said.

10. Finally, realizing that you have only two years of what may be the most fun time of your life

While school is definitely your priority, it's time to realize that you're halfway through some of best times of your life. It's almost as sad as Toby coming back to Dunder Mifflin. Hopefully, you'll make these next two years even more amazing than the first two.