Hairstyles For When You Don't Want To Wash Your Hair
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6 Hairstyles For When You're Too Lazy To Wash Your Hair But Still Want To Look Cute

You know you always end up wanting to do something with your hair after several days of not washing it.

6 Hairstyles For When You're Too Lazy To Wash Your Hair But Still Want To Look Cute

OK, ladies. We all know the struggle. We want to do something cute with our hair, but we're just too lazy or tired to wash it and make it look clean. Busy schedules take up our time causing us to use dry shampoo for three or four days straight.

And I won't lie, I am definitely one of those girls. So, to help you out, I have come up with my top six go-to hairstyles for when I want to look cute — even if I'm too lazy to wash my hair.

1. Put some curls in your hair.

This sounds super simple, but curl your hair. Curls love dirty hair. They hold longer when your hair hasn't been washed for a few days, and they become super bouncy.

If you have easy-to-curl hair, find a curling iron or a wand with a ceramic barrel. However, if you're like me and your hair refuses to curl, find one with a titanium barrel.

However, I don't use a titanium barrel because I love the Remington Ceramic Pearl Professional Curling Wand. This is the only one that actually holds curls in my hair, so I strongly recommend this curling wand.

Depending on the amount of time I have, I hold my hair around the barrel for anywhere from five to 30 seconds. Some days, I vary the amount of time. I am never disappointed by the results.

Part your hair in three layers and curl each layer individually. When you're done, flip your head over and shake your hair, running your fingers through your hair. Stay bent over and spray some hairspray in your hair. I love the Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray. Flip your head back, and you've got some voluminous curls.

For extra volume, lightly tease your roots with a hairbrush.

2. Don't do just another ponytail.

For those of you who want your hair out of your face but still want a polished look, put your hair in a girly but sporty ponytail.

To start, you can curl your hair. I always do this, but it's not mandatory for this particular hairstyle. Then, section off the sides and front portion of the top of your hair. Place the remaining hair in the back into a ponytail to get it out of the way.

Take that top section of hair and tease it just a little, then use hairspray on it. For this, I prefer the Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hairspray. Lay that teased section backward, then push it forward just a little to create a little poof. Twist the hair once or twice and criss-cross two bobby pins. Be sure to have the ridged side down.

Next, braid each side of your hair toward the back with your braid of choice. I prefer two little french braids.

Finally, combine all of your hair in a middle to high ponytail. If you're feeling extra fancy and polished, take a strand of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie, pinning it under the ponytail. Give your hair a light spritz of hairspray, and you're good to go!

3. Add a cute spin on your typical boxer braids.

This one is super simple. Part your hair where you normally do, and then divide the back in half. Tie off one side of your hair.

Start a french braid on the free side. However, once you make it to the nape of your neck, tie it off to form a low ponytail.

Repeat this on the opposite side, and you'll have boxer braid pigtails. Again, if you're feeling extra fancy, wrap a small section of hair around each hair tie, then stick the bobby pin up into the braid.

4. Turn your boxer braids into a low ponytail.

Follow the same instructions for the last hairstyle, but bring your braids towards the back of your head. You want to aim each braid as close as possible to the center of the nape of your neck and tie both sides off into a low ponytail.

Feel free to wrap another strand of hair to hide the elastic, and you have completed another hairstyle.

5. Do a half top knot.

When you're feeling too lazy to put all of your hair in a bun or curl all of your hair, go for a half top knot. Act as if you're putting your hair in a half pony, but then loosely wrap your hair around to form a top knot. Secure with bobby pins and begin curling the ends of the rest of your hair. Spritz a light mist of hairspray, and you're ready for class.

6. Embrace your inner princess.

If you still want your hair out of your face, loosely braid the sides of your hair towards the back of your head. I generally do a couple of strands of a french braid and primarily a regular braid. Make sure each braid reaches the middle of the back of your head. Bobby pin or secure the two braids with a hair tie and top it off with your favorite accessory.

I personally always go for a hair bow. Feel free to curl the ends of your hair, and you have a much fancier simple hairstyle.

There are many other styles you can do with your dirty hair, but these are six styles I always do when I'm too lazy to wash my hair. Face it, we all know you don't want to wash your hair all the time, so we result in the typical messy bun or ponytail with maybe a little bit of dry shampoo. Now, you don't have to.

Embrace your inner hairstylist and try them out. You'll never know what you really like if you don't try.

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