What Guys Should Wear This Fall
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What Guys Should Wear This Fall

A Guide to Men's Fall Essentials

What Guys Should Wear This Fall
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Fall has to be the most fun time of year for men's style. There's just so much layering and so many color coordination options that makes it the perfect time for experimenting with one's own style. So to get you started, here are some groundwork pieces ("essentials" is the style buzzword you may have heard) that you can't go wrong with no matter how you pair them. Happy style experimenting!

All essentials have to do a few things:

Be versatile

Be able to be dressed up and dressed down

Look freaking amazing

Dark Wash Jeans

I could seriously gush all day about these. They're everyone's favorite type of pants, just a bit darker. They're much more versatile than other jeans due to their darker coloring and non-distressed look; they work great with anything from a Henley to a blazer. They're really an essential year-round, but they stand out just a little bit more in fall. The vibrant, earthy tones of fall really allow these jeans to stand out in a way they wouldn't in another time of year. It's just a different look in my opinion. It's hard to explain, but hopefully you'll see what I mean when you give them a try (if you don't already have a pair).

Leather Jacket

The name of the game in fall is layering, and no piece acts as a final layer quite like a leather jacket. Whatever color you pick -- brown or black for versatility or something else to have some fun (try red for some spice) -- leather jackets go with every casual outfit you can come up with. They also really just pop against the fall landscape, making them an essential in my book. If, however, you prefer the look of a denim jacket, then go right ahead! They each function as a top layer to most any fall outfit. A quick denim tip for you if you choose to this route: when matching jeans with a denim jacket try to contrast with darker and lighter colors of denim. "But Noah", I hear some of you saying, "you can't wear denim jackets with jeans!" "Oh yes you can!", I would say back to you. Don't believe me? Give it a try for yourself! Fall is a great time for style experimentation. Don't be afraid to try new style combinations.

Long Sleeve Henley

Ah, the Henley. It's like the t-shirts sexier, more sophisticated brother (a phrasing courtesy of style YouTuber Alpha M). Like I said earlier, fall is all about layering. The wonderful thing about a Henley is that it can act as any layer. Think of a layer, any layer. I guarantee a Henley would look great in that spot. It's amazing, right? You can just wear it by itself, maybe put a t-shirt under it, or layer it under a jacket or sweater. You really can't go wrong with this shirt. And I mean you really can't. Try it with a dress shirt and tie for a business casual outfit. You wouldn't really expect this to work (I know I didn't)! With all of the weird style tips I give: try for yourself! If not out in public, at least in front of a mirror.I would suggest cream/ off white, black, white or navy for colors. These give you an awfully large range of outfits to pair with.


Autumn is the time for wearing boots. They exude such confidence and style (if you pick the right pair, which I've already made easy for you in a previous article, link below). Just pick a material and color and you're well on your way. I highly recommend black or brown leather. As for a material, suede is best for "lighter" falls and winters and leather for "harder" or "heavier" falls and winters. Also, depending on the style, boots can pair anywhere from with a t-shirt and jeans to a suit. Yes, you heard me. A suit.


"Sweater weather" goes for both girls and guys. We can get in on the fun too! Sweaters are super varied in terms of styles and how you can pair them. You could go for a mono-chromatic crew neck, a cable knit sweater or even a cardigan. What you buy depends on your individual needs and what you usually wear. Some general rules though: try to keep the colors to gray, navy, black, off-white, and earth tones for versatility. Also, keep your sweaters on the slimmer side to avoid looking like a baggy mess. Although cable knit sweaters and cardigans don't need to be too slimming, v-neck and crew neck sweaters should definitely hug your body. It shouldn't feel too tight, though. Here's one last tip: depending on the outfit, a given sweater may or may not be appropriate. A general rule of thumb: the darker and simpler the sweater, the more the better it pairs with formal outfits. For instance, v-necks can be paired well with suits, but not cable knit sweaters. Although, all sweaters work great with almost every casual outfit you can dream up.

I hope you found the article helpful! I'll leave you with a recommendation: Jordan O'Brien of Gentleman's Cove makes some phenomenal fall and winter outfit videos which I highly recommend you check out. The outfits he comes up with range from simple to wacky and fun. He's definitely one of the best men's style YouTubers.

His channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGentlemanCove

My guide to buying boots: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/falls-wonderful-g...

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