Hey, how are you?

Enraged and discouraged

Is what I wanted to say

I'm fine, and yourself?

And so the conversation goes on

I hate asking how work is going

You always answer the same

Or in a way that disinterests me

We need to hang out sometime soon

Is what you told me once

And then never specified soon

Are you sleeping

You constantly send me in the middle of the night

I was asleep and didn't see it 'til morning

Good night

The way you end most conversations

In a bland emotionless way

Unless you leave me on read

Which stays that way

Until I start a new conversation

Why do I put up with you?

Is what I want to tell you

Sorry I was sleeping, what are you up to

Is what I normally say instead

Last night you asked me again

Are you sleeping

Something made me not respond

So I left you on read

And the conversation stopped going on