A Thank You To The Guy I Waited For
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A Thank You To The Guy I Waited For

Because you have shown me everything I never knew I needed.

A Thank You To The Guy I Waited For

For most of what I can remember, I had been mistreated and under-appreciated by guys who I thought were all I needed to be happy. I have never known what it was like to be in a state of happiness like I am today or one that I didn't even know existed. In today's time, it's hard to find a relationship worth the time or even to find one that isn't some kind of lost cause. So, of course, I had given up on finding my "dream guy" and just settling for what I thought was the next best thing for myself.
Alas, "good things come to those who wait", right?


So, I gave up finding my dream guy and promised myself that I would only focus on myself, my successes, and living life to please ME - but then you came along. I wish I could say that I had been preparing for you, but, I hadn't been. You came into my life and whether or not I knew then that I deserved the world, you began to hand it to me and never looked back to anything else. You gave me everything and more that I had been searching for, what my soul had longed for. Thank you for caring about me, thank you for giving me the world.

Thank you for always showing me that I constantly deserve the best and all our past moments have led us right to the ones we are in within this moment. No matter what we face, thank you for showing me that I am more than just being put on the back burner, I am more than just a sit down on the couch instead of a nice dinner, I am more than a text message. Thank you for always pushing my confidence, for supporting me in every ounce of my existence. Thank you for being patient and selfless to my wants and needs over your own. Thank you for giving me a second family and letting them take me in as their own. Thank you for the constant laughs and giggles, you are so wonderful at that. Thank you for letting me be goofy and showing me the brighter side to life.

Thank you for always reassuring me when my doubts set in and I feel like I am nothing. Thank you for letting me be me and taking me in as I was and not trying to change a single thing.

Thank you for always standing beside me in every obstacle I face and thank you for taking me to new heights. You have never failed in showing me how I should be treated or how I deserve. I will never forget this feeling since I have fallen for you. I will never forget feeling protected, served, loved, precious because of you.

Thank you for never doubting me when even you know I'm in the wrong. Thank you for letting me argue with you even when you know you're right. Thank you for never making me feel anything less than beautiful. Thank you for showing me that my life never has to be a settling game, it can be a winning one.

But lastly, thank you for waiting for me, too. We are one heck of a fit.

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