Can a guy and girl actually just be friends? WOW, what a concept! The 21st century has liberated us in more than a million ways and finding a best friend from opposite gender is one of them. We can now chill with our friend without having being judged about it and more so, the sheer greatness of having them around.

Here are 15 reasons having a best friend of the opposite gender rocks so much:

1. A great wing (wo)man

Having a friend that can unsuspiciously tell the cute guy/girl you're interested in how cool and fun you are is just the tip of the iceberg to how great having a best friend of the opposite gender is.

2. They tell you how it is

They won't hold back if you're actually being dumb or overreacting. Your BFF would never put up with your BS and especially not someone else's BS toward you. They'll be straight forward with you and never sugar coat it. This type of honesty is such a blessing.

3. Great for when you need a +1 at an event

You can avoid being awkward and alone while attending all of your family’s get-togethers by taking your BFF with you. Additionally actually enjoying an otherwise boring event because you dragged your friend along.

4. Pretend significant other

Need someone to help you ward off that creepy guy or that clingy ex-girlfriend? Your best friend of the opposite gender does wonders to help with that.

5. Evaluating your love life from another perspective

It's always good to have an outside perspective. But it's especially beneficial to have an outside perspective from someone who might have a better understanding of your S/O's than you.

6. Help you set up good dates and avoid bad ones

Getting the inside scoop on that cute guy/gal BEFORE you become emotionally invested in them saves so much of your time and energy. Opposite gender BFF's are basically superheroes in disguise.

7. Bro-code and Womanspeak translators

It takes an advanced Ph.D. and at least 20 years of cultural immersion to speak these languages fluently. You might as well go to a native speaker than to try to figure it out on your own.

8. Platonic love is so important

Period. It's so important.

9. Questions you have about the opposite gender

Having a best friend of the opposite gender is basically a constant game of 20 questions. Why do you guys do this? Is it true that girls are...? Why on earth do you...? You get the idea. They're a gold mine for you unanswered questions of the opposite gender.

10. They'll be honest about how you look

hey can be blatantly truthful about it and it's beautiful. This is especially helpful for date preparations.

11. Advice on buying gifts for your S/O

Does he really want that watch? Would she actually wear this shirt?

12. The BEST hugs with no hidden agendas

There is just something special about a hug from your guy/gal pal. They always seem to be the perfect height and just smell so good. Plus, you don't have to worry about them only hugging you because they're interested in you.

13. Couple's Passes

Being broke (especially in college) and not using a couple's pass is like being rich and not buying fancy cheese. It's just something you do.

14. A glimpse of what you're getting yourself into

When you have already been best friends with someone from the opposite gender, you are better prepared for the disaster of dating. Girls are crazy and boys are dumb. You'll have a bit of a lead.

15. And of course ... The marriage pact

The legendary pact that if you're both single (or even if you're not) that you'll get married and have a beautiful life together. And hey, if it worked out for Chandler and Monica it could work for you.

Now go out there and get yourself a BFF of the opposite gender!