15 Signs You're a Gustie
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Student Life

15 Signs You're a Gustie

Beat 'em, bust 'em, that's our custom.

15 Signs You're a Gustie
Shelby Pankratz

Ahhhhh Gustavus Adolphus College. Average enrollment of 2,300 undergraduate students in rural Saint Peter, Minnesota. Founded in 1862 by Swedish immigrants and gently placed on top of a steep hill, this liberal arts education will you provide you with more than a degree, here you meet life-long friends and become a part of a strong community. If you're a true Gustie, you'll relate to each of the following points.

1. You know Gustie Slang

Lib = library, coed = Norelius, caf = cafeteria, Nobel = 2-day conference, plex = North, Gibbs & Sorenson, Gus bus = bae… You get the point. Also, why doesn’t any other school have CF’s?

2. Homecoming is a holiday

The Great Gustie Gathering AKA every Gustie alive reunited.

3. You're overinvolved

Class from 8:00-4:30, practice till dinner, group project, club meeting, hall event, roommate bonding, the day never ends.

4. Getting way too excited for “Frost-Your-Owns”

…or any free food really, including popcorn on Fridays!

5. Attending most sporting events

Hockey game? Gymnastics meet? Volleyball match? Everyone on campus will be there to support their peers.

6. Wednesdays, that is all

Most college students go out on Thursdays, not Gusties!

7. And to go with that last point, The Flame

You know they like you when they let you create the night's playlist.

8. Love/hate relationship with the caf

Love: Steak night, gyros, noodle bowls, rotisserie chicken, GAC waffle-maker.

Hate: At the end of the month, having $100 left to spend in one night and stocking up on mixies and munchies.

9. Never understanding our credit system

And having to explain to non-gusties why you only ever take 4.0 credits.

10. Hating St. Thomas an unhealthy amount.

We're not even rivals so why do we hate them so much? Because they suck…. FST.

11. Living on campus for 4 years

...and sort of enjoying it.

I mean you get to be two doors down from all of your best friends and can wake up five minutes before your 8 a.m.

12. Appreciating Gustavus-exclusive events

The annual Nobel Conference, Christmas in Christ Chapel and Mayday are unique to the hill.

13. J-Term

AKA Playterm. After fall finals, regular classes won't resume until the second week of February!

14. Explaining the (former) local Greek system

They were founded on campus beginning in 1904, and they were taken away at the same place! RIP.

15. Taking sign pics three times a year

And posting them all for people who don’t know you’re a Gustie (no one).

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