How Many Shootings Does It Take to Change Gun Laws, Let's Count

Since January 1st, 2018, there have been 18 school shootings in the United States.

And the most "recent", is the Parkland mass shooting. Look aside from the fact that we have had 18 school shootings only a month and a half into theyear, look at all the other mass shootings that have taken place in the last few years. Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Orland night club shooting, and Umpqua Community College shooting; what do all these shooting have in common? I think the answer to that is guns.

In the beginning, when I heard about the first few mass shootings, I found it extremely surprising that no gun reforms were implemented to stop this from happening again. However, after I heard about Orlando night club shooting, I stopped believing that change in the second amendment was going to occur and I stopped believing in our government to do anything about this issue.

Why the Current Administration should Think of Gun Reform

Change must occur in ordertohaltthese shootings from happening. People continue to say that guns are their right, and although it is, do they really need it? Do people need to walk around in the open with guns? It puzzles me how those who love guns continue supporting the current gun laws even after 17 children and teachers died in Parkland.

It only took Britain one mass shooting (Dunblane) where 18 children were murdered, to change their gun control laws and ban guns from being owned by people in society, and since 1999, they have had no issues of gun violence and mass shootings. In Australia, only one mass shooting occurred before the Australian government took a stand against owning guns and getting a hold of them, and no mass shootings have occurred under their laws either.

The United States has hundreds of mass shootings nothing has been done to even control who can get guns or not. At the very least, implement thorough background checks, a long-term class that must be taught to those looking to own a gun, and for the god sakes lower the bullet capacity of guns and take away semi-automatic, military grade weapons that don’t need to be owned by just any average person. Even then it makes no sense for people to own a gun, because looking at both Australia and Britain, there has been no gun violence, because no one has access of purchasing guns.

Why Change Will Most Likely Not Occur

Look at our society and our administration and our President. Every conservative of high power is funded by the NRA and receive millions from them. It's like they are best buds. It comes as no surprise that change won't come anytime soon because of those we have in office. I often hear arguments like "teachers should have guns, so they could protect the children" or "we need to have metal detectors in schools and build a wall around the school" which I hear on Fox News.

Schools should be a safe place where kids learn and implementing security like that only makes people feel as if they are in a jail or locked in a fortress, and again it’s a school.

We Need to Force Change

We need to take a stance against guns and those from the younger generations need to stand up and make their voices heard and the parents of those who lost their children need to make their voices heard. We need to protest and fight against owning a gun and force the change of getting a hold of guns harder, because now it's in our hands to force the government for change.

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