If you visit Ireland, specifically Dublin, there is one thing everyone does: The Guinness Storehouse tour. It is touristy but definitely something that is worth it. As someone who doesn't love beer, and definitely doesn't love Guinness, I was concerned about going or even liking the tour but it was beyond interesting. I absolutely loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone in Dublin. Here are some tips to having the best possible experience at The Guinness Storehouse!

1. Go early

Even though it doesn't exactly sound super appealing to drink a Guinness first thing in the morning, you'll be happy to walk through the exhibit without a million people around you at all times. This also means less of a waiting time at some of the top attractions within the storehouse.

2. Do the taste testing experience

If you see a line forming outside a neon lit doorway, get in line! This is the Guinness tasting experience, which looks like an event you have to pay for but is actually free! You learn how to fully taste Guinness with a tiny little taster and get to walk into a couple cool rooms.

3. Pour your own perfect pint

Another thing that is free but could seem like a paid event is the pour your own perfect pint experience! You get to learn from the Guinness experts and take a chance at pouring your own glass. At the end, you get a certificate to show your friends and hang on the fridge stating that you are now a Guinness pouring expert!

4. Spend some time on the advertising floor

This fully immersive advertising experience is one of a kind. You are surrounded by a giant, wrap around screen and get to watch some of Guinness' most famous commercials.

5. Enjoy the Gravity Bar

On the top floor of the Guinness Storehouse, you will find the Gravity Bar. Sit, stand and enjoy a panoramic view of Dublin while drinking your pint of Guinness that you poured yourself.