We all know JMU has some pretty good food on-campus. Good enough that we were ranked number five for Best Campus Food by Princeton Review. We have a brand new dining hall that is absolutely beautiful and has lines flowing out the door. The seniors, especially, are super excited to see the new and improved D-Hall after three years in the making. No matter how good JMU food is, there comes a point when we need a little break. Luckily, Harrisonburg has some great grub options. And, to top it off, a lot of them accept JACard Flex. I didn't find out about a lot of these delicious places until after I moved off-campus.

So, to the freshmen, here are seven grub spots you need to try.

1. O'Neill's Grille


"Any JMU student will tell you that this is the best place to get bacon cheese fries and cookie skillets."Anyone that graduates from JMU will tell you that this is the best place to get bacon cheese fries and cookie skillets. Seriously, they're amazing and will change your life. You won't look at cheese fries the same after tasting these waffle fries smothered in melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses and bacon bits served with a side of ranch dressing. #Yummm.

2. Benny Sorrentino's Pizza


If you want some delicious super-size pizza for a good deal, this is the place to go. You can get a giant slice of pizza that's basically the equivalent of 2 slices for only $4. They even sell whole pizzas that are 28" big. I've never had a slice of pizza bigger than my face until I went to Benny's. This place is definitely a favorite among pizza fanatics.

3. McAllister's Deli 


I've actually never heard of this delicious deli and sandwich shop before coming to JMU. But let me tell you, once I stepped foot in there, I knew I would become addicted. If you're in the mood for a sandwich, salad, "spud" (loaded baked potato), or even soup, this is the place to be. They're known for their sweet tea, so if you like that, you can get a huge cup of it, plus free refills.

4. Billy Jack's Wing & Draft Shack


This grub joint is definitely one of the most popular in Downtown Harrisonburg. You've probably heard or will soon hear students on campus talking about their "Sticky Nuggs" craving. Definitely put this on your bucket list of things to try, because they are delicious and can be served in your choice of house-made sauce. They also have a menu full of yummy sliders as well as brunch options on the weekend.

5. Food.Bar.Food


You've probably noticed that JMU students live for brunch. While the dining halls do have an array of brunch options, this brunch spot is an absolute must-try. They serve brunch Tuesday-Sunday so stop in whenever you want. They have an assortment of brunch bowls on the menu that includes shrimp & grits, biscuit & gravy, and grits, with white bean chili and farm eggs.

6. Sakura #10


If you know, you know. This place is a hidden gem that I found with my friends when I was a sophomore. This special spot is known for its sushi and big hibachi portions. My favorite entrée here is the hibachi chicken. For $8.99, you get a small salad, chicken, and loads of veggies and rice. It's a pretty sweet deal for how much food you get. I always end up taking my meal home so I can enjoy it again for another meal.

7. Mr. J’s Bagels & Deli


Every town needs that go-to bagel shop. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you will find many Dukes here grabbing a quick bite. Breakfast sandwiches are reasonably priced and you can customize them however you like. It's usually pretty crowded but that's how you know it's well-liked.

These are just a few of the many delicious grub spots you will find in Harrisonburg and you have 4 years to explore them all!