New Show 'Grown-Ish' Captures College Life... In A Way

New Show 'Grown-Ish' Captures College Life... In A Way

*Spoilers Ahead* If you haven't seen the most recent episode, click away.

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School always looks better on TV. It never fails. For example, Zoey 101, raise your hand if you always wanted to go to PCA. Same. College on the short-lived sitcom, A Different World, was cool too but there was a touch of a struggle because, unfortunately, it was actually college and they actually did work and had grades. So, makes sense, but it was still cool. I wanted to befriend Dwayne and Ron because they were the definition of "cool guy friends". But, today, there's a new show, this year, called Grown-ish. It's a spinoff of Black-ish. I wasn't a fan of Black-ish but once I found out that Grown-ish would follow Zoey's collegiate career and how she adjusts to her different surroundings, I figured I'd check it out.

Though Grown-ish is another show that makes you jealous that your school isn't like that one, it's a pretty accurate depiction of how some of us handle situations. That and each episode is named after a popular song. But that isn't important.

Being a freshman and not knowing as much "stuff" as your college friends is quite common. In one of the first episodes, Zoey mentions how she and Aaron, Trevor Jackson, "hooked up" which apparently takes on multiple meanings. She just thought it was...

That awkward moment on the C.R.E.A.M episode when Cash "outed" Zoey's virginity was actually pretty interesting. The way it is portrayed in the episode shows that it's so easy for someone to betray your trust. Though, I understand that anyone would be embarrassed to find out that their sexual history was viewed by "130,000 people" as Zoey so eloquently put it. I do understand that Zoey was more upset that she confided in Cash with her personal business than the fact that she is actually a virgin. He kind of also did it for a selfish reason, but I digress.

This show outlines the use of drugs to help students concentrate on their work. Remember when Zoey was kind of on Adderall in an earlier episode because she wasn't sure how to balance it all? Yeah, that went well. (Sarcasm)


I love how these issues are presented and they are solved in a "real life" way that the common college student would handle it. All in all, it's a really nice show that is more interesting than one of those shows you've seen in school to teach you to "say no to drugs" and those videos you were forced to watch in Sex Ed. It may even be a little more interesting than Coach Carr.

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