If You're A Grown Adult Still Gossiping Like A High Schooler, You Need To Get Your Sh*t Together

If You're A Grown Adult Still Gossiping Like A High Schooler, You Need To Get Your Sh*t Together

And grow the hell up.


Man oh man, have I had my ear pulled these last few weeks.

I hear things about myself and others, and I didn't even know it was happening.

I guess everyone is two-faced, and I guess no one can be trusted.

Grown ass adults are spreading rumors like it's their senior prom in high school, and for me, it's a whole lot of emotions.

First, it's anger. People I thought I knew... are not the same as they were five years ago. They never cared in the first place.

Second, it's sadness. A sliver of me wants to cry because people I thought I trusted spread the gossip. Family... family friends...

If you are an adult and you are spreading rumors and telling people some trash, get your act together. I laugh at the thought of you whispering to one another at social gatherings about certain people and families.

This is a small town, and when you live in a small town, you hear absolutely everything about everyone. It's whether you choose to make the right decision or not. It's whether you choose to believe them or not.

I distanced myself from the jerks who let me down and lost our trust. But how is it okay for them to share untruthful words to the whole county because just because they can? Just because I saw through their bullshit? Just because they hurt my family around me?

Oh yes because it makes them feel some sort of way like they are in control of everyone and everything. Also, I guess their lives absolutely suck because they can sit on their asses, make up some lies, and giggle while sipping on some wine.

I don't want to be you.

Who's meant to be there WILL be there, and if certain people don't show up, then I know how they feel about me and my family. Their support was NEVER real.

I don't need to be college educated to figure out that people are fake AF, but being college educated is a plus. Grown adults who I thought were there for me, never were. It's going to taste super sour when they realize that I'm going to give them some of their medicine, see how they like it.

If you read this and you feel absolute GUILT, then something is up. If you read this and you force yourself to laugh, still, something is up.

Maybe you need to get your s**t together and stop spreading gossip like the children you really are. Quit hiding behind your keyboard and your bottle of beer, and say it to our faces.

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