Growing As A Writer

When I figured out that I wanted to become a gaming journalist, I thought that it would be a breeze. Turns out, it was a lot harder than I thought.

When it comes to writing, the challenges that I faced, and still currently face, are sentence structure and grammatical errors. I was lucky that I had people along the way who could help fix my errors and help me learn from my mistakes. Another issue I had was writer's block, which I constantly get no matter what I'm writing about.

My passion for writing started from looking at different game reviews and articles from various websites and companies such as IGN, GameInformer, and so much more. The way that they were written made them so likable to me. They were free and full of freedom. It felt like I was having an actual conversation with the writers. Soon after I found my new addiction, I began writing my own reviews and articles for my YouTube channel.

Along the way, multiple websites found my work and asked me to write for them. While writing for these groups, I learned the proper way to form sentences and proper grammar. Along with these skills, they also taught me how to proofread my work more efficiently. Personally, I believe that because of them my writing, has greatly improved, and I find it even more enjoyable than I originally had thought. In spite of the challenges and difficult tasks when learning how to properly write, I turned out great. But I'm still learning so much more.

Another thing that has helped me understand writing and understanding the structures of texts is reading. Analyzing and reading other people's work helps me see the proper way to form sentences and to see how it flows fluidly and perfectly. I don't try to imitate the way the author writes, but I try to use it as a guideline when writing.

All of these events that have taken place in my life have made me into the writer that I am and have allowed me to get into Miami University. The articles that I have written have shown Miami that I am devoted to what I want to do in life and show that I'm committed to reaching that goal, and then some.

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