Poetry: Growing a Garden

I went on a walk with a friend recently. We ended up visiting our old middle school together, and as we explored the campus, we found that the new students had started a garden. It gave me a touch of inspiration:

Always, you start with an empty piece of land

Sometimes the soil is firm

It seems difficult to plant things there

Sometimes it happily gives to your touch

Eagerly accepting every hour you put into it

Either way, the land is worked

You choose the seeds you wish to sow

Whether something simple and easy to tend to

Something you plan to spend much time on

Or something you rarely need to care for at all

With time, the seeds begin to grow

Every plant grows a little bit differently

There are the tall, extravagant, and leafy ones

The ones that spread out and stay low to the ground

The ones that seem plain, but bear delicious fruit

Some plants wither

They do not all make it

Try as you may

The food and water you offer

Is not always enough

In those cases, you may feel disheartened

But the plots where plants die are not always infertile

They can be worked again, gently, carefully

And once you're ready, new seeds can be planted

Magnificent flora may once again grow

After all, it is your garden

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