Grouplove is an alternative band with a pop twist, and is on their way to a new album which would be their third album, with the latest being released in 2013. They’re preparing to release The new album on September ninth called “big mess”. As a huge fan of alternative music i can say it's to be expected that this album will be as big of a hit as their first one in 2011. The most recently released single from august 26th is called traumatized. This is the third song released that will be on the album. I think this really shows what is to be expected in this album with a lot of guitar and raw vocals bringing a definite alternative vibe all around.

The song has a kind of cool concept, because it's actually about the lead singer’s ( Christian Zucconi) mom and puts light on what she had done in sacrifice for him. “‘Traumatized’ is about becoming a parent, explores what my parents sacrificed when I was born, and shares the fear, excitement and bliss of being alive” He says in an interview with Rolling Stone. This song is most likely expected to be about a girl but I realized it was about his mother right from “A girl so beautiful sleeps on the couch/There's a little baby in her blouse/She is my only one true love” because I realized that was referencing a mother figure. This message is very down to earth in my opinion because it's an uncommon theme and the writer also puts himself in the shoes of his mother which I found unique.

The sound of this song makes me excited because it's a classic alternative sound with a lot of guitar and drums with harsh tone, which I like a lot. The vocalist also has a lot of raw vocals which is risky, but amazing especially considering the genre they’re probably aiming for. The uniqueness of the song, from what i can see would be bringing back a classic alternative rock vibe with guitar solos and harsh/raw vocals embedded in the song. This song is sure to attract the people of the alternative scene, such as fans of bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Foster The People! The vocals in this song have a very unique sound, something you’d distinguish very easily just because the vocalist’s voice is so different and unique to himself.

If you’re into alternative or rock music, this song is definitely for you, and you’d probably even like the upcoming album they have planned. With the outstanding instrumental work and vocals with an alternative feeling this is something all of you indie lovers would absolutely jam out too! I definitely foresee them getting more radio play than ever with their new music.