Grey's Anatomy's Best Forgotten Character

Grey's Anatomy's Best Forgotten Character

Maybe it should be called Bokhee Anatomy?

When anyone thinks about Grey's Anatomy, they think about Meredith Grey, Christina Yang or McDreamy (Derek Shepherd). People think about the surgeons of the show and often forget the other very important characters such as the nurses. With all of the chaos that has surrounded Grey's Anatomy over the years, there has been one constant: Bokhee. Don't know who Bokhee is or remember her? She is the cute little Asian scrub nurse that appears throughout the show and she should be everyone's favorite character.

1. Bohkee has appeared in every Season of Grey's Anatomy, with very few words.

12 seasons -- that is how long Grey's Anatomy has been on the air, plus it's been renewed for another season. If you have survived all 12 seasons, you are a living legend. Let's be honest, most people don't make it through all 12 seasons, with the exception of Meredith Grey of course, and Bokhee. But what makes Meredith different from Bokhee is that Bokhee has one line in all 12 seasons. "Yes, Doctor," are the only words that the best scrub nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial says. Yet, she is always there, in every O.R. of every major surgery.

2. She is a retired scrub nurse in real life and works with open heart surgeries in Los Angeles.

Lets just say that this fact alone makes Bokhee win at life. No wonder she is everyone's favorite scrub nurse, she already knew what she was doing! Forget training, forget acting school, she is just doing what she always does. What really makes me wonder is why Bokhee would want to play a scrub nurse when she did it most of her life already but I guess you could say that's just the kind of person Bokhee is.

3. She guest appeared in Private Practice, during one of the cross over episodes at Seattle Grace Hospital

If you are like me, after the first time you binge-watched Grey's Anatomy, you weren't quite sure what to do with your life. Well, of course, you looked up related television shows and found the second best option to GA itself, Private Practice. Private Practice is a spin-off show of Grey's Anatomy that stars the hot and fierce Addison Montgomery, the first wife of Derek Shepherd from GA. Although the show takes place in Los Angeles, there were several episodes that starred characters from Greys Anatomy and some episodes even took place in Seattle at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Of course, they couldn't have cross over episodes without their favorite scrub nurse, Bohkee. So she didn't get to air on just one medical show, but two well-known shows with some of the best "doctors" I know.

4. She survived the "clear out" during the Mercy West merger.

Grey Sloan Memorial went through a lot of "clear outs" before it even became Grey Sloan. The nurses went on strike, they had rotations in chief's, they even had a shooting. But of course, the infamous Mercy West merger cleared out the most employees, especially the nurses. However, in the face of all that, Bokhee remained an employed scrub nurse at one of the best hospitals in the country.

5. Sandra Oh claims that Bokhee in real life is like her second mom

Christina Yang is my spirit animal. She is literally me in a nutshell and one of the best things to happen to Grey's Anatomy (yes, I am still upset about her departure). Since Yang is my spirit animal, that, by default, makes Sandra Oh one in the same. Therefore, if Sandra Oh claims that Bokhee is like her second mom, Bokhee is therefore my second mom, which I am perfectly okay with.

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