'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere Flat Lines
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'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere Flat Lines

Months of waiting and still no answers.

'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere Flat Lines

Ah, the long-awaited premiere of the newest season of "Grey's Anatomy." What a shame that the first episode was a total flop. Still reeling from the winter finale, I could not wait to finally have answers to all the cliff hangers. Especially regarding Alex Karev. Yet here I am with every question left unanswered. Here are just a few of my thoughts as I painfully watched the episode.

Note: Massive spoilers ahead.

1. Where was Meredith Grey?

For the show to be named after her, she sure is becoming a less vital part of all the doctor drama. Not one minute of screen time. Really?

2. Why did they bring Jo of all people?

If the trial starts tomorrow, why is she treating patients? Shouldn't she be an emotional wreck? I understand that she can relate to this girl being a criminal herself, but maybe she should have taken a sick day. Looks like we're finally starting to see her true colors.

3. Did Shonda write Alex off the show?

I swear...if another one of the originals gets written off the show, I'm done watching it. Not really, but I'm going to be ticked.

4. Where is Christina?

I have waited months and heard all the rumors about Christina's return. I have dreamed up every possible outcome of her glorious return. Please, mighty Shonda, do not make us wait till the season finale.

5. Who are they going to kill off so the prison doctor can come to Seattle Grace?

It's been too long since there was a significant character death. Someone's bound to kick the bucket soon and I would bet money Dr. Evil is going to be the first pick for the open position.

6. What is this setting?

Ah, a prison. I see the not-so-subtle political undertones. Raise awareness about the quality of prisons. Showcase an agenda to look more closely at prison funding. At least there was no mention of the election.

7. What did this girl do to land herself in a high security prison?

High-risk, the K10, violent outbursts and she's a minor in a federal prison serving twenty to life? What on earth did she do? And to tease us with the juicy details of her criminal past only to cut the back story? Typical Shonda cruelty.

8. What is happening back at Seattle Grace?

A whole hour was dedicated to prison-mama while Seattle Grace is probably on fire without Bailey there.

9. Where is the Grey's we all know and love?

I watch "Grey's Anatomy" for the gory, action-packed medical stories perfectly sided with enough drama to make me bawl my eyes out. This episode is ranking pretty high on the total fail scale. Right up there with the musical episode. *shudder*

I've seen my fair share of terrible television premieres, but this has to be one of the worst. With how we were left last season, there are still so many unanswered questions. Jo's disastrous confession to Alex, Webber's job on the line, Owen and Amelia's never-ending marital woes, that witch Minnick's little crush on Arizona and the continual ups and downs of life as Meredith Grey. I want answers. Push one of epi because that episode was just painful to watch.

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