'Grey's Anatomy' Has Gone Downhill, There, I Said It

Yes, I've said it. Now in it's 14th season of the show, "Grey's Anatomy" is beginning to show their age.

In the beginning, "Grey's" was new and exciting. A series focused entirely on a group of interns at Seattle Grace Memorial, and how they were going to navigate between the medical world and their (almost) nonexistent personal lives.

Dynamite characters like Christina Yang and Meredith Grey lit up the screen, and made you almost feel so bad for them that you couldn't wait to see the next horrible thing happen. In newer episodes, it feels like the writers are grasping at any interesting or controversial story line they can doctor up.

Over the course of 14 seasons, there are going to be major cast changes. There have been so many characters run their story, then are booted off. Trying to find an emotionally appealing character has become unbearable.

Not only have the characters changed, but the replacement characters are subpar. None of the modern interns can compare to the puppy-like O'Malley, or make you laugh like Christina, or annoy you like Izzie. Over the 14 seasons, these characters have come, and gone, and taken the drama with them.

Modern seasons are trying so hard to continue a pattern that "Grey's" itself created. In an attempt to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, "Grey's Anatomy" has killed off some of the most binge-worthy characters. Rather than having each episode more exciting and surgery-driven than the other, the new seasons of "Grey's" drag out each story line, to try and attach you to these new, random characters.

On top of all of that, they killed off McDreamy.

Now, let's be honest, McDreamy was problematic at times. Now, we ignore that because he was Meredith's one true love! It seems in the newest seasons that Meredith just can't catch a break, because after years of fighting for him, McDreamy was once again gone; and this time, Meredith can't win him back.

With the new announcement of Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, April Kepner and Arizona Robbins respectively, leaving the "Grey's" family, this is just another step in the death of the series.

As much as I've loved watching, and re-watching, the series, it's sad to see "Grey's" turn into the melodramatic series it is from the stunning night-time entertainment it was.

But, as Christina Yang would say:

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